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  • Kate Hudson Loves To Be Naked

    Kate finds clothes to be too stifling, a trait she picked up from her very naked family.

    Kate finds clothes to be too stifling, a trait she picked up from her very naked family.

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    I remember reading an article some time ago where Kate was being a little more candid - and descriptive - of her nudist childhood. She essentially grew up home-nudist with her Mom and Stepdad Kurt Russell. It's nice to see that this has lasted through the years into her adulthood.

    Another lesser-known home-nudist family was Demi Moore and Bruce Willis - when they were still married. One famous guest and close friend (I forgot who) said that the entire Willis family would be running in and out of the house, enjoying family nude time.

    Woody Harrelson - another home-nudist family. Alicia Silverstone was at one time a close friend of theirs, and actually went nude with the Harrelsons when she visited.

    And lastly, an honorable mention for Heidi Klum and Seal. They actually had a nude family portrait in their home.


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      I saw this about Kate Hudson on a news feed and watched the video of her on the talk show Conan. What I find most appealing, as a lifelong nudist, is Ms. Hudson's candid discussion and reasoning. Being put on the spot by someone that is looking for a laugh and really doesn't want to have a serious discussion on most any topics, Kate Hudson was able to articulate the best way she could given the circumstances. She's actually spoke about this and defended her preference for nude living many times before.

      Another thing I completely enjoy about Kate is that she stays the course on this subject no matter who or when she speaks of her preference for nude living. Others, on the other hand, will shy away from continuing to confess and support their nude way of life by making jokes about it, themselves ... with the exception of Heidi Klum. Heidi Klum doesn't get as many questions about it anymore because she's stood fast on her beliefs, her philosophies and because of her European upbringing, nudity is not a big deal and she and her family don't make it a big deal, thus, there's no story anymore.
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