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Inside Italy’s first and only nudist restaurant L’Italo Americano

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  • Inside Italy’s first and only nudist restaurant L’Italo Americano

    THERE’S a place in Italy where you can stuff yourself silly without the worry of staining that crisp, white shirt.

    That’s because no dressed diners are admitted.
    Welcome to L’Italo Americano, Italy’s first and only nudist restaurant that recently opened its doors near Milan.
    The only rule is: in order to get in and taste divine food you must be totally naked.

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    Ok, 100 euros for singles to get in. 50 for a couple - or - someone carrying an INF-organization card.

    Then the meals. And this place has an American gangster theme. Like the restaurant in England = Gimmicky.

    Now - look at the prices - say a night for a couple is 150 euros - dinner, drinks, appetizers, gratuities (a Euro is around $1.15 US right now - but the U.S. dollar is VERY, almost unreasonably strong) - for that money you might be able to tool down to a naturist resort and have a wonderful dinner as well - for less money.

    Of course, a lot of guys will pay that 100 E plus another 50 for food and booze to get a look.

    OK, those of you who are stateside? You think this is great?

    Well, you can get the same deal for less - go to Cypress Cove for a day, have dinner and drinks at Lakeside after having a wonderful poolside day. This is what North American nudists experience all the time. There's Caliente and Paradise Lakes in Florida, too - probably a bit more expensive but the experience is there, too. Probably at other resorts as well. I think Avalon has a fine restaurant, or so I'm told. There may be mid-western and west coast resorts that offer the same.

    One of my favorite "Photos of Freedom" (haven't seen it lately) is the one where two couples dine, al fresco, and raise their wine glasses in a toast. We do the same as often as we can. I have a print of that picture hanging on my wall here in the home office. It's a reminder of why I'm working - so I can enjoy those experiences with my wife and with our friends. Even at nudist gatherings such as the Eastern Naturist Gathering which are open to all.

    I'm getting back on my "harsh soapbox" - but here goes =

    These are experiences we have - this is the real life of social nudists.

    Don't fantasize. REALIZE and SOCIALIZE.

    That's what this board is trying to promote (I think).

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