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Facebook will allow more nudity as long as its 'newsworthy'

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  • Facebook will allow more nudity as long as its 'newsworthy'

    Facebook has been under fire recently for deleting or censoring content that showed nudity or violence, but which otherwise would have been deemed to be of public interest. Now, the company is looking at changing the way it displays stories and images to account for such content.

    After months of criticism and a few too many errors on Facebook's part, the company is ready to develop its editorial policies to allow for images and content that may be offensive but newsworthy.

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    They didn't say anything about nudity in the article - per se - just "newsworthy images".

    Don't look for Facebook to make any changes along the nudity front. Their audience is too big, too widespread (read = international, and in many countries nudity is deemed highly offensive), and diverse (read = children, and their objecting parents).

    And commercial.

    And publicly traded ownership. They won't risk shareholder value to make a point on nudity. They won't risk being blocked in some corners of the world to take a stand.