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Meet the two brothers rowing naked across the Atlantic Ocean

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  • Meet the two brothers rowing naked across the Atlantic Ocean

    If you’re going to row a boat across the Atlantic Ocean, you should probably do it naked

    At least so goes the thinking of John and Kurt Schwartz, who are doing just that — rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, naked.

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    I thought I remembered something about this happening in the past - sure enough, in 2012, a five-woman team accomplished this task in 45 days - and did so, usually naked - to prevent salt water from affecting their bodies, etc. The same reasoning....

    I also remember two clowns - this was back in the 1960s - who embarked from Boston or the New Hampshire seacoast (can't remember) with a rowboat and around 30 glass bottles of drinking water, and cans of spam, and they intended to row to England. They were picked up by the Coast Guard and returned to the coast.

    So, if you're gonna row across the ocean, you have to do so equipped as these two guys are , or as the women were when they made their successful attempt.
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      I might add - two guys attempted it and succeeded, in 1896 - to collect a $10,000 prize from the National Police Gazette, which was the leading "men's magazine" and sports journal of its day. And they did it in a small rowboat... how, I can't figure or fathom.

      Some older folks in here may remember that the Police Gazette still published into the 1970s - it could have best been described as a lurid tabloid, still aimed at an adult male population, and it had considerable boxing coverage and opinion.