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Civil War within INF. Anyone here have any insight?

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  • Civil War within INF. Anyone here have any insight?

    "It is an activity regarded by many as at best mildly eccentric if not downright odd, prompting barely suppressed giggles among those who might, so to speak, witness it in the flesh.

    What it is certainly not known for is bitter political infighting at the highest level prompted by accusations of wasteful spending and nepotism.

    But the world of naturism has been split from top to bottom in a bitter dispute which has led to one of its most senior figures being deposed."


    I know Stéphane Deschênes has had some very critical things to say about INF and stopped being involved with them.

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    Not surprised. If you were to study the history of organized nudism here in the U.S. - you'll find that it's been characterized by over 70 years of in-fighting. Visit the library***, and look at all the organizations that existed in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. A rival to the ASA (old name for AANR) sprouted up in the 1940s over a rift. It was called the National Nudist Council, and it sputtered out in the late 1970s-early 80s but continued to operate as a mail-order membership group well into the 1990s. TNS sprung up in the early 80s and has survived, and AANR and TNS appear to be at peace now, but there had been some competition and conflict between the two groups.

    AANR withdrew from INF a few years back, briefly stating that it was too Euro-centric. When I went to the Canadian Naturist Festival, I had no INF affiliation and so I asked - yes, they will accept my TNS card as being an affilated member even though TNS isn't INF, either.

    *** ANRL = American Nudist Research Library, Kissimmee FL, on the grounds of Cypress Cove.
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