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Ex-headmistress reveals she was fired after she was 'outed' as a naturist

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  • Ex-headmistress reveals she was fired after she was 'outed' as a naturist

    She has enjoyed naturism for over 20 years and now helps to promote it

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    Sad but true. I have frequently heard school teachers at nudist resorts express concerns that someone may visit the resort and see them there then report them to their school. The Headmistress in the UK story above took early retirement after being "outed"; that is a reflection on the sad state of gymnophobia in our society as well as over reacting to simple nudity by others.


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      that is stupid what she does on her own time as long as it is not illegal should not be any one else business and was she trying to encourage the students that they should be nudists .


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        You would think so.

        But in real life - it's not so.

        Some years ago, I was at a convention - and one well-known nudist leader - thought it was sad - that I could not be open, and talk about nudism in the workplace, bang the tambourine, etc.

        I said that unlike him - when he was a school admin with a strong union, and grievance process available, and tenure, and etc. etc. I was an "at will" employee.

        Discussion of nudism in the private sector workplace will definitely make managers antsy. Some may even believe it's bad judgement. And if you are an "at will" employee, they can just dump you at any time, as long as you are not being dumped for being in a legally protected class.

        Nudism is not a legally protected class, for employment purposes, in the United States.

        I don't care if my boss finds out I go to nudist activities. I don't think HE cares, either. As long as I keep it to myself.


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          I did two terms (8 yrs) on a school board over 25 years ago. I'd be out at lunch or dinner with district office personnel, having a beer and sandwich and I'd see a neighbors, a parent of children attending the schools I governed and get raised eyebrows and many times, comments about me being a school board member and "drinking!" I told my wife, "crap, what do you think they'll say when they find out I'm a nudist!?" We planned to take our nudism, social. I decided I was done with politics and was not going to be held to some ridiculous level of expectations. If those parents were like that then, think of what the parents nowadays are like and the expectations they all separately have with regards to what their child's teach says, does or how they live their lives!

          At some point, this newer generation really needs to start minding their own damn business! ;-)


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            Of all the people I talk with who have any real reservation about being "discovered" teachers are perhaps the most concerned. I suppose it illustrates people's ignorance more so than anything else, that being the ignorance of what social nudism is actually about but non practitioners. While it's unfortunate she lost her job, she seems to be moving on rather well with her new life. Which is a good testament to the positive side effects nude recreation has on people.


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              Both of our daughters are teachers and my wife was also a teacher. Our daughters, one a 2nd grade teacher and the other a elementary school principal, are bombarded by parents daily about what they think they should be doing and how they should live their lives. It's a common thread throughout the teaching profession. My wife taught college classes. Being a college professor had it's positives and negatives. No parents to deal with and when they did try and get involved, my wife reminded these parents that their children were legal adults and thus, she could not and would not discuss their situations, due to legalities, with them, even though some of these adults still lived at home.

              ​My wife was always nervous about who might find out she was a nudist. After a tough day at work, she'd drive into the garage, go straight to the laundry room and strip. I could see the tension and frustration start to ease. A potty stop, a glass of wine or a shot of whiskey over the rocks and the couch is all she needed. She often said," knowing I can take off my clothes and finally relax, once I get home, gets me through the drive!" After she retired, she didn't/doesn't care who finds out she's a nudist!


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                My wife is a teacher and she definitely shares this reservation. Not sure if any of her friends know, but her principal made a comment to her to be careful when we first started dating. She wasn't sure whether it was about anything specific. One other person I met who was very protective of his professional life was a police LT in a small town in KS. He and his wife drove about 4hrs to find seclusion in a wonderful private lake reserve I have been to. We were the only ones there and had a great visit.

                As for me, I was a bit appreciative while I was still serving on active military duty. As a senior officer, there are many ways to do inadvertent damage to a career. I only met one other peer who was open enough to discuss it and we are still in contact and sometimes visit a local spot together. While there is no legal prohibition about be publicly nude in a location where it's acceptable, it's easy for someone to make a case you just don't want to deal with. I retired in 2009 and have been to as many places as I can. I look for new places wherever I travel to for at least a visit, if not to stay.


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                  We've also met high ranking policemen at resorts. They have always been quite picky about what resorts they visit and made sure that those they visited did not allow children. It was strange but understandable, in their profession, that they seemed to think that adults and children being naked together automatically correlated to perverted sexual behavior. All were surprised but luckily the women partners/SO's were understanding and on board with the idea of sharing nudism with children or grandchildren. One SFPD Lt. and his wife were in the hot tub with us at our favorite resort, here locally, and was very quiet and guarded. Once he found out I was a Fire Captain with the largest department in So Cal, he opened up and we began talking about having to be secretive and careful, on his part. I, on the other hand, was quite vocal at work about our lifestyle and he wished he could be the same. He and his wife also visited places that were far away and hoped that they never bumped into anyone they knew.

                  ​I never really thought much about what might have happened while on active military duty. I certainly wasn't shy about being naked in the head/shower, when going back and forth from berthing space to the shower or when sleeping. I frequently took my time dressing at my rack and locker. I met a guy in my division that was also a nudist but a real pot head. Nice guy but he was always stoned and though I'd tried it and did it on occasion, it wasn't something that I needed or wanted to do, like he did. But we had nudism in common. I did convince on buddy to visit the nude beach with me up in Northern Cal. He went a few times but then stopped and I went almost every weekend I didn't' come home. But I never thought much about what might have happened or would have been said if my superiors knew I was a nudist and visited the nude beach quite often.