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  • Rick Steves - Europe's best spas

    "Some Americans are prudish when it comes to enjoying public baths in Europe -- especially when the dress code is just a towel. I understand the hesitation; my first time was awkward too. I was with friends -- a young, good-looking German couple. As they got naked in the changing area, I felt like the Road Runner just beyond the cliff's edge. Then I eased up and got naked. It wasn't sexy -- simply open and free."
    With my intense travel schedule, I savor detours where I put away the schedule and notes and simply enjoy the moment. And for me, there's no better detour in Europe than visiting a public bath or spa for a relaxing, good soak.

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    My daughter was stationed in Germany - U.S. Army - with the gentleman she was dating at the time, they traveled down to Baden-Baden for the spa experience. While my daughter enjoyed it - it was too much for her beau to handle.

    Turned out I went to a nudist park in Germany, near Frankfurt - only one family spoke English there - the husband was in the U.S. Army - same base as my daughter - she was not his direct CO but they knew each other.