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Federal Judge Rules that Women Can't be Banned from Exposing Breasts in Public

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  • Federal Judge Rules that Women Can't be Banned from Exposing Breasts in Public

    Fort Collins, Colorado, cannot ban women from exposing their breasts in public, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.
    Free the Nipple sued the city of 161,000 in May 2016, challenging its ordinance No. 134, which banned girls and women older than nine from exposing their breasts in public unless they were breastfeeding.
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    Believe this is a good ruling. I have no doubt it will be appealed as just about every city in the country has a stake in overturning it. It will be interesting to follow.


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      From what I read in the text of the ordinance,it appeared there were some people who wanted to change the laws and the city did a public outreach to determine whether the prohibition was supported by a majority of the populace and found it was. I don't know what was changed as it did say the laws were amended, but it could have been making exceptions for girls and breastfeeding mothers. However, I agree with the decision. Bob S.


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        Just three notes of caution on this -

        1) It doesn't - on the surface, eliminate topfree laws across the country. If a state has a no-topfree rule - you might cite this case in court - BUT - in a state or local court in another area - a woman would probably found guilty / responsible, and advised that she can go the appeals route if she wishes to do so (and has the re$ource$). Of course, in Fort Collins, CO, the prohibition has been struck down.

        2) It does not eliminate anti-nudity laws.

        3) Last but not least, do not expect this to cause a wave of topfree women across the country. In three states up here, other than some activism (and women willing to pose for money) in New York, and a march in Maine, and a couple of public demonstrations at Hampton Beach NH, most women choose NOT to invoke their topfree rights.

        In other words, even though it's legal, you don't see women practicing it often. Even though it's been legal in Maine for a number of years - I have yet to see a topless woman in a public place although I have not gone to any public demonstrations.. Peoples' backyards and house parties? Yes. Designated nudist events? Of course. On the beach? NOPE.

        It may pass legal muster but it has not yet passed the test of cultural acceptance.

        So, men, if you are planning to travel to Maine or New Hampshire to see the topless activity, you might see it but not likely.

        As far as legal muster - there was a bill last year that some "Free the Nipple" advocates condemned and also celebrated its defeat - but - not so fast. It didn't overturn existing anti-topfree local ordinances, nor did it legalize it throughout the state. It merely left the status quo in place - on state property, top-free's OK for women. And if the "FtN" folks were looking for a fight from the NH Legislature, they weren't going to get it here.
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