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Dating Naked is cancelled

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  • Dating Naked is cancelled

    VH1 has no plans for a 4th season of Dating Naked, so the show is cancelled.

    Put your clothes on and go home. VH1 has cancelled its Dating Naked TV show after a bare three seasons. Chris McCarthy, president of MTV, VH1 and Logo

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    Our textile and nudist friends are not a enough of a gauge for Dating Naked or Naked and Afraid's popularity but our nudist friends stopped watching early in the series of Naked and Afraid and stopped watching Dating Naked after the first couple of episodes. We watched a couple of episodes of Naked and Afraid and luckily, according to one textile couple, we saw the episode where both survivors were naked the entire time. We never watched Dating Naked. We both hate those types of shows ... Bachelor/bachelorette ... really dumb in our opinion.

    A couple of textile friends were looking for a segue into poking fun of us nudists but making fun of Naked and Afraid. I simply said, "we've watched it a couple of times and got tired of the people making covers, right off the bat, for their genitals and breasts for the females. I said ... "if that were me, I'd been naked from the start to the finish and all the way home!" They laughed but then I asked, "do you still watch it?" When they all said, "yeah, we still watch it," I asked ... "why do you watch it if you don't like seeing naked people or you think it's stupid?" No answers and the conversation quickly changed!

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      They encouraged contestants to cover so they could save on the pixilating. I never got into the naked dating show, but found the naked and afraid series intriguing. They should open the uncensored shows on pay sites like Amazon & Netflix.


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        "Dating Naked" was a fantasy show - young adult male viewers thinking about being paired up with an attractive, naked woman... women viewers thinking of having a choice of "hunks" in a luxurious, tropical setting.

        I only saw it once, but my understanding was that its format evolved into a "competitive dating show".... eweuggh..... not something I'd want to follow on a weekly basis.

        And for those of you who have never been in a social nudist situation - no, "Dating Naked" isn't anything found in the social nudist world. Even at parks and facilities that hold singles' weekends.
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