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French Nudist Colony Sees Huge Outbreak in Coronavirus Cases

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  • French Nudist Colony Sees Huge Outbreak in Coronavirus Cases

    A bunch of Euros who like to strip down to their birthday suits are facing a bleak reality ... their free-spirited nudo-rama won't prevent coronavirus. If anything, it's the opposite.
    COVID-19 cases have spiked of late in Cap d'Agde -- a French nudist resort in the wider Herault region, where folks roam around butt-*** naked.

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    I just posted the same story, I'l delete mine so others can reply on yours


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      Everyone wants to get back to normal so bad. In the county I live in the daily new case count is still over 100. The nudist club i visit is in a county with new daily cases under 10. The club removes loungers from around the pool to help keep distancing. Every little bit helps. I'm have several of the pre-existing conditions they speak of and Covid will kill me so I see a few friends I trust and usually keep to myself when I visit the club. This is a year to remember for sure.
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        My wife is not a nudist and last month she thought about going with me but now she changed her mind. I'm not going to a nudist club alone, I would not feel right without my wife


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          A local nudist resort still has its nude 5K scheduled for later this month. If they have not cancelled it already, it will be held. Wonder how many people will attend.