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  • Make social nudity mainstream. - Make social nudity mainstream. Sign the Petition!

    2,185 SUPPORTERS - 3,000 GOAL

    For too long social nudity has been a taboo. This is bad.

    We humans are capable of doing things no other species can ever do. We have advanced technology with the advancement of civilization. However, we have also damaged ourselves (as I believe) by moving further away from nature. And we are also nature - being nude is part of that.

    Social nudity is also known as nudism (naturism by some as well). It's notabout sex. Sex is done naked but not all nudity is sexual. In nudism that is not the time and place for sex - there is a time and place for everything.

    Nudism helps all ages and walks of life. Nudism doesn't discriminate - it's for everyone. Only clothing keeps us from being nudists, and it's easy to undress and be comfortable in our own skin. A nude body hurts no one.

    We only get one life in one body, so why not enjoy it nude?

    Social nudity improves the health and well-being of society. Vitamin D is obtained easily by being 10 to 20 minutes in the sun outside naked in warmer temperatures. Psoriasis, rickets, Lyme disease, and skin cancer can be prevented or reduced by being nude. Being naked brings happiness - nakedness is bliss. It's hard to be naked and sad. In times of heat, being nude makes the body regulate its temperature. Nudism improves fertility. Self-esteem is boosted. it promotes body acceptance and appreciation. Nudism is a stress reliever. Sleeping naked is healthier for the body and helps sleep better and easier. Being nude prevents bad-smelling bacteria from sweating more. It's a lot more sanitary to swim nude than clothed. Tan lines are ugly - sunbathing nude is the best way to take a tan. Clothes impede the body from breathing. We prevent harmful bacteria caused by clothing. Clothes hide the beauty of the human body.

    Clothing divides us. Clothes create a sense of inferiority in terms of social class.

    Clothing causes extreme psychological dependence.

    Clothes are made with harmful chemicals and are a waste of resources created.

    Without clothes we're all equal. Clothing is one of the primary divisions of society.

    Clothing makes us superior to other species. Why are we the only ones to feel that not having clothes to wear is like having nothing to eat or no potable water?

    We save money on more clothing to buy, air conditioning and laundry bills, and a lot of luggage for traveling, for example.

    We can converse on the same level. This promotes social equality, which is important.

    How can we treat the human body as shameful and indecent?

    Nudism benefits all ages and all walks of life. It's not a detriment for children either.

    Nudism should be available for everyone and everywhere. Let's materialize this!

    It's the 21st century, so let's have nudism mainstream!

    The world is getting hotter and a practical solution would be to just promote social nudity. In the future we can just roam around naked due to higher temperatures.

    Why not create a nudist revolution to make social nudity mainstream possible?

    We're the only species taught to be ashamed of our bodies. This only hurts us.

    Nudism is a lot of fun.

    We can legalize public nudity, increase nudist facilities and recreation, and increase nudist events.

    Going nude is fun.

    Modesty is not about the clothes. It's about clothed when practical, nude when possible, but not be clothed due to modesty.

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    This isn't pornography. Promoting non-sexual social nudity would bring so much more peace and harmony to the world.

    For too long we've had to deal with several problems with no nudism/naturism in our lives: negative body image, lower self-esteem, cold and wet swimsuits (swimsuits provide no aid to swimming anyway), discomfort in warmer temperatures, vitamin D deficiencies, addictions to pornography, body detestation, sexualizing nudity too much, less happiness, more teen pregnancy, destroying careers, severely ruining lives, not relating to one another easily, more sexual perversion, more waste of resources from clothing. The list goes on and on. Nudism facilitates life.

    Our bodies weren't made to be covered up, much less cover them up in shame.

    The purpose is not to force nudity on anyone. It's to make social nudity and nude recreation more widely available for everyone and more people try nudism.

    Everything is better when we're naked.

    Feeling shame of nudity is a bad idea.

    Social nudity, private or public, solves many problems in society.
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    You can't really do this via a petition.

    The thing that could do this is if the mainstream mass media - TV and movies - presented public nudity in sympathetic manner.

    The main force that led to the acceptance of gay marriage was the sympathetic portrayal of gay characters in the mass media.

    The culture war in the United States is often inflamed by politicians, but government isn't the primary driver of culture. Culture is driven by what happens in universities, corporate board rooms, and TV and movie studios.


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      It is said that all politics is local. That can be said about culture too. Any changes in attitude do not come from government mandates, but from the people in the neighborhoods, cities, then counties and states. Change usually begins with a small group of people who begin to make some noise or demonstrate for their position, and the movement grows from there. Many of our clothing optional beaches are unsanctioned, but enabled because of popularity. It took a few brave naked souls who were joined by more naked souls and so on to the point where a person could enjoy some time at the beach free of clothing without repercussion.