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  • Reunion Episode?

    Would be cool to hear about how the old nudecasters are doing these days. Red, Greg, Cory etc. I think I remember Greg was battling cancer at one point but I don't think we got an update.

    Reunion episode would be super cool. Especially given it's been 17 years right?

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    Shaybare and myself were guests on a nudecast (episode 99). I remember Greg, Corky, and Melanie. We had a great time. Shaybare came out for a visit (from OK), so we decided to travel to Oakhurst and visit. We had a great time, Fortunately, the weather was very nice, a little chilly, but not bad enough to cover up for.
    I do remember Greg was diagnosed with some sort of cancer. Last I heard, he had gotten ill, but was improving, but that has been a few years ago.
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      Greg is doing better. i’m sure will see him on a future show I’m gonna work on that. Thank you!


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        It is good to hear that Greg is doing okay. I think that the idea of a reunion show is a great one.


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          Thank you Corky for the update on Greg. Great news


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            I still think this is a great idea! Would love to know what everyone is up to. How Greg is. Red, Cory, Melanie, Brian etc.