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Nudist residents of Andalucia want to evict locals for wearing clothes

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  • Nudist residents of Andalucia want to evict locals for wearing clothes

    Date Published: 28/07/2022

    Naked neighbours: nudist residents of Andalucia want to evict locals for wearing clothes

    Both groups in Vera urbanization have hired security firms to spy on their neighbours

    Disagreements between neighbours on an urbanisation are nothing new and usually concern easily solved issues like dogs barking or loud music. Things are far from straight forward in one gated community in Almeria, however, where the residents are arguing over their right to walk around fully clothed.

    In this particular Vera urbanisation, the regulations stipulate that everyone living there must conform to a nudist lifestyle and must be completely naked when in any of the communal areas. It's essentially forbidden to wear clothes, but around 80 of the 500 home owners have decided to flout the rules and cover up.

    This hasn't gone down well with the confirmed nudists, who are demanding that those not adhering to the agreed lifestyle move out.

    The animosity reached a boiling point when the nudists hired a security firm to monitor and report on behaviour of the "textiles", as they are now calling them, when out in public. Not to be outdone, the group favouring clothes in turn employed their own company, so there are now several security guards keeping watch over this little community.

    According to Daniel Esteve from the security firm Desokupa, the situation is quickly getting out of hand, and recently staff hired by the "textiles" attacked several of his colleagues. Now there are rows over who has the right to hire these guards, individuals or the community.

    For the time being the feud seems to have reached a stalemate with both sides refusing to give an inch.

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    this fascinates me Keep us in the loop


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      Why not change the nudity from mandatory to optional? As long as the textiles don't complain about everyone else being nude, then I see no problem. They may enjoy being nude at times, but they may also choose to be clothed at times as well.
      Just an opinion


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        ^^ My perhaps garbled understanding is that all Spanish beaches are clothing optional unless local law stipulates otherwise. Essentially, the default is clothing optional. Denmark is the same way. The thing that makes Vera unique is that nudity is mandatory. The question is why anyone would have bought a home there if they intended to wear clothes.