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Illinois nudist forced by his family to be buried in clothes

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    Don't caskets usually have a two-piece lid? The bottom part can be left closed and just open the top part. People can tell he's not wearing anything, but they won't see "offensive" parts--unless it's a woman since breasts seem to offend so many people. They can always lay some material over "offensive" parts temporarily until the casket is closed permanently.


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      I think that prude woman neighbor should have spent more time cooking, cleaning and baking cookies than minding everyone's business except her own.

      As for being buried nude, the family should have honored it, but, since there is a minister involved (I'm a former lay minister for 18 years), that itself is self-explanitory.

      Being buried nude, he should have been. If my family doesn't honor it, then I want a casket that only opens in the middle to show my butt to them...and make sure it's bare, too! Shiny side up!

      Actually, my body is being donated to medical science...after all, it's the Christian thing to do.



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        Don't caskets usually have a two-piece lid?


        My uncle was buried with no pants on, but had on long johns plus shirt, tie and suit coat.

        My uncle was always a snappy dresser, and gave me his clothes sometimes, when I was a young man, as we were the same size. The mortician knew this, so asked me if I wanted my uncles nice pants (trousers), as no one would know he had no pants on in the casket, as the lower lid of the casket would cover that portion of his body.

        To make a long story short, I enjoyed wearing my favorite uncle's pants for many years.


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          One word will solve the whole thing: cremation


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            QC Times

            The story goes into further detail, and this is decidedly disturbing about how the family would account for his naturism:

            "Relatives spoke of emotional problems following his service in World War II. The prosecutors, during his frequent arrests, claimed otherwise. They said he was just being stubborn."


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              Yah too bad whoever prepares his body for the funeral doesnt know of his desire to be buried nude otherwise they could just remove his clothes before the funeral and or before hes buried and then he could be nude and nobody'd have to know. I think after what his family did to him they dont deserve to know or have any say anyways.


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                It's amazing how ignorant people can be to one another. Clearly this family did not respect this man or his last wish.

                One thing is certain, any God worth his/her salt, would not be the slightest bit interested in those pathetic rags people insist on dressing themselves up in.

                Very very sad.



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                  Jon71 said:----"His soul was in Heaven (or elsewhere) in the blink of an eye following death".

                  What? I thought that the theory is that the Resurrection Day, when everyone is raised from the dead, must come first, before the decision as to who goes where.

                  Actually, I understand that different writers of the Bible claim different scenarios.


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                    This is the wrong place for a theological discussion, or I would answer that!