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"A vacation from your clothes"

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  • "A vacation from your clothes"

    From the Arizona State University online newspaper.

    Having nothing to wear isn't a problem at this resort
    by Leah Duran
    published on Thursday, April 12, 2007

    In a quiet corner of New River, Ariz., residents and visitors hike, play volleyball and swim - naked.

    Welcome to Shangri La Ranch, a family-friendly resort 45 minutes north of Phoenix where nudity is the norm. Although nudity is only required at the pool, vacationers usually only don clothes when they are needed as protection from sun or rain, says Horst Kraus, who co-owns the ranch with his wife.

    "To some nudists, being clothes-free is an expression of freedom from the pressures of society that say you have to wear certain clothes to belong to certain groups," Kraus says. "[Being naked] is a natural instinct for us."

    Link to the rest of the article


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    Thanks for the article. It's wonderful to see nudity presented in such a positive light. There are many great places to go naked in Arizona. I used to live there many years ago and my wife and I would often stroll through the desert and woods sans clothing. Occasionally, we'd find a pool to skinnydip in. How much more relaxing can you get?



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      Great article. Thanks.


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        We should really have a vacation from our clothes!
        Thanks for posting =)


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          Vacation from Clothes

          That's the best kind of vacation to have. My wife rent a semi secluded beach house on an island in the Bahamas, that's right on the Atlantic Ocean. We're able to go nude virtually the entire time we're there. I could probably get away with only taking the clothes I travel in, but then I'd be wearing the same thing in all of the pix we show the rest of the family.

          This past summer, we were gone for 11 days, and on the island for 9. I was barefoot for all but about 3 hours during the trip down there, and nude for all but about 5 hours out of the 9 days on the island.

          When you can "get away from it all" INCLUDING your clothes, that's the true definition of "vacation"

          Barefoot-n-Nude in Texas!