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  • Beltain

    Well it is time to start to plan Beltain. We hope you all have fun with the planning along with the actual ritual. Love and peace to all Gar

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    Well it is time to start to plan Beltain. We hope you all have fun with the planning along with the actual ritual. Love and peace to all Gar


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      Thanks, Gar. Peace to you and yours as well. I have to say that Beltain is one of my favorite sabbats. It's always so... energetic.



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        I have to agree with you Vin


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          Yes it is...I must say that Beltane is my favorite, just above Samhain only due to the fact that Beltane proceedes many a warm naked days to come and Sam Hain is generally the end of such days for awhile!


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            For those of us who didn't (don't) know what Beltain is you can be enlightened by going to




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              Beltane is going to be great this year (not that it isn't each year).
              This year we are planning on camping deep within the Nantahala with a large group ... it will be fun!


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                nacktman It must be nice but in Utah we can only be nude like that on fed land so have fun Gar


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                  It is almost here. Be safe and enjoy the sun


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                    Originally posted by Jason Lee:
                    is it a nudist/nudity festival ? Beltain/Beltane

                    Not necessarily, although it could be. It's a holiday observed by some Pagan/Neopagan paths. It celebrates the arrival of summer, among other things.


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                      Yes Jason, non pagans are welcome.

                      How do they celebrate? Depends on the tradition, but most common are dances, picnics and the like ... it is a time of community togetherness. The spiritual aspects will depend on the main traditon the group draws from.

                      The most traditional observances will be nude and a few will be completely traditional and those dances I mentioned earlier will be prelude to couples pairing off (and not nescessarrily with their spouses should they be married, in fact especially not their spouses in a smaller group), who will then spend the night together. This was (and is), the most effective way of maximizing the gene pool in small groups and societies and was the traditonal method of diversifying the gene pool (along with the visitor(s) traveling between communities who were ever in "demand" by the local women [and men as well though not for actual coitis], for help in diversifying the gene pool).
                      This of course applies(d) mainly to Matriarchal societies, but can be found in all traditional societies.

                      Don't go to a Baltane celebration with the idea of getting laid, the odds of you finding a group that celebrates the full traditions of the sabbat are extremely long.
                      The odds of finding a group that celebrates nude as a matter of course or at the least doesn't care if someone at the celebration is nude or not is almost a sure lock at 98%, (the remaining 2% is for those groups that just mouth the words and don't walk the walk as they say).


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                        Blessed and blessed be to all.


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                          A "Spring Gathering of the Tribes" is scheduled at the Blackwater Campground in Virginia for the weekend of May 24-28:


                          The Blackwater Campground is actually just a few minutes drive from White Tail Park. The Sprig Gathering is pagan but I am not sure that it is clothing optional. Nudity is not mentioned on the FAQ page:



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                            Happy Beltane to one and all

                            "Hail, Hail the first of May...."

                            As far as the "Spring Gathering of the Tribes" goes, usually my experience is if Pagan places DO mention clothing optional, you are OK. If they do NOT mention it, more than likely clothing is required.
                            I know it may not make sense, but As common as nudity can be in Pagan circles, my general experience seems to follow those rules expressed above.
                            You should go to a Pagan event because of the event. Not because you don't have to wear clothes.



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                              The party and festival is in full swing right now, and all are having a wonderful time.

                              A warm clear night and a full moon, what more could you ask for?!

                              (laptops and extended battery times are wonderous things)