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  • Sacred not Secret

    I was wondering if you consider certain body parts sacred still. I mean all of the body is sacred, that's why I haven't got a piercing or a tattoo. I often wondered at this because I saw pictures of a stripper and they had close ups of her vulva (it was out of curiosity). Part of Christian Naturism is the belief that Christ redeemed us from the fall, and then wearing clothes because we were fallen had become moot. My dad still said we should hide our nakedness from others. I couldn't believe that.

    So as naturists, do you regard your body as sacred and not secret?

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    I think sacred but not secret makes sense, i get your point, but what body part is really a secret. I still know what a woman wearing a shirt boobs look like and we pretend we don't know.
    Sacred and unashamed?


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      Sacred and unashamed. I like that.