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Redeemed from the Fall

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  • Redeemed from the Fall

    Although it's going to be eternal spring for the planet, I believe that Jesus' sacrifice redeemed man from the fall. From a Christian perspective, it's okay to be nude socially with others.

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    Jesus died for all our sins. Most people do not realize that this includes the first sin which was eating of the fruit that they were not suppose to. Thus they realized they were naked. and covered themselves. We do not have to cover ourselves anymore.


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      How did you come to any of these religious beliefs?

      For most religious people, religion is part of their tribal membership. They profess belief in the religion of their parents, family, and close friends.

      For some, religion is a refuge from personal hardship due to poverty, disease, or other tragic life circumstances. They take comfort in the idea that a higher being is protecting them.

      Regardless, of how they came to religion, their beliefs are based on faith. No tangible evidence is required.

      For the most part, such beliefs are benign, but there should be concern that religious belief can be a pathway to other beliefs based on tribalism and faith. You can see this in the current political situation in the United States. A significant portion of the population professes belief in ideas that are demonstrably untrue, such as the idea that global warming isn't happening, or is happening but isn't caused by man, or that the COVID vaccine changes our DNA, or that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of a Washington pizza parlor, or that massive voter fraud changed the result of the last presidential election.

      There does seem to be some degree of correlation between religious belief and belief in political conspiracy theories.