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Do you think that the current Transgender movement needs clothing to survive?

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  • Do you think that the current Transgender movement needs clothing to survive?

    If the whole or a majority of the U.S. population would have been naked, do you think the transgender movement would be different?

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    Interesting thought. If more of us were naked in more places, I think that there would be much less discrimination. What we eat, where we live, what we drive, and what we wear all set us apart from some group of people. If we were naked among a lot of other people, perhaps the desire to change genders would be minimal. We would have a sameness among us that did not determine various roles in life. It's all theoretical though. The majority will not let a minority of us live with the way we were born without a lot of discrimination.


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      Yeah, if people knew there were just two genders -- with some exceptions -- because they can see it every day. I'm sure that there would be less discrimination.


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        Many years ago in this forum, there was a contributor named Stu who had an aversion to nudity, which was odd for a contributor to a nudist forum. Over time, he shared his story. He had been born ambiguous. His parents decided to raise him as a girl. When he started puberty, it was evident he was developing as a boy. He had attended an all-girl school until the age of twelve. His parents then moved to another town so that he could make a fresh start as a boy.

        As an adult, Stu married and fathered a child. He stated that he was a normal male in all respects. The one thing that he missed about his early years when he lived as a girl was the option to wear anything. Boys don't wear skirts. Boys don't wear bright colors.

        I wish to make it clear that I don't wish to denigrate Stu in any way. I fully realize that there are many people in his situation. This is one more reason to be tolerant and respectful toward trans people.

        I do wonder if Stu experienced some trauma as he approached puberty that led to his aversion to nudity.


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          Well, I'm lucky that my wife is the opposite of Stu. Even though she experienced trauma as well (she was abused when she was little).