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Pat Robertson has done it again

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  • Pat Robertson has done it again

    Never one to let an idiotic comment go unsaid, Robinson now claims that Prime Minister Sharon's stroke was caused by "divine intervention" since Sharon sought peace by giving up lands taken during war.

    Some Christians claim that Christianity is being bashed. (Of course, since it is the majority religion in the US that just isn't logical. Perhaps their time and energy would be better spent cleaning up their house. With leaders like Robinson they will only draw laughs, sighs, and eye-rolling.

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    He's a total embarrassment. I can't believe there are people out there who support his hateful comments, especially to a man inches from death.


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      I guess some people will do (say) anything to make themselves seem more important. It totally confounds me how someone who says they speak God's message fails to realize that "hate for others" is not God's message.

      I, for one, will pray for Mr. Sharon's wellbeing.



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        This latest lunacy only futher confirms that pat suffers from terminal foot-in-mouth disease.
        Anyone that thinks of him as any type of a leader is at least deranged as he is and with christians proclaiming him a leader among them, well...


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          Originally posted by NudeTopher (christopher):
          Never one to let an idiotic comment go unsaid, Robinson now claims that Prime Minister Sharon's stroke was caused by "divine intervention" since Sharon sought peace by giving up lands taken during war....
          :: laughing, sighing, and rolling eyes ::

          Unfortunately, so long as the media continue to report every idiotic thing the man says, he'll keep doing it. Whatever happened to simply ignoring childish behavior until it goes away? Isn't that what they did with Howard Stern?

          Maybe it's time to organize a boycott of ABC until they get this lunatic off the air?


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            The Rev. Rob. has the sensitivity of a banana and the mentality of a monkey. (No offense to the banana or monkey intended)


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              shaybare, shouldn't that be the "...sensitivity of a monkey and the mentality of a banana (no offense to the monkey or banana intended)"


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                Tough decision to make! I believe both to be appropriate.


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                  I used to think Peta stood for "People Embarrassing Tidewater Area" but I guess it also stands for "Pat Embarrassing Tidewater Area". Ohhh the humanity!!!



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                    I honestly do not know how anyone coule be so stupid as to declare any act was an act of God. or to speak for God.

                    Fully God is capable of speaking for himself. Any act of divine intervention will be of more substantial matter than ownership of land. If God were to punish someone, just a simple stroke would be the most minor of things He can cause you to endure.

                    I agree Pat Robinson is insane and totally unreasonable. Certainly not one to listen to for any reason.


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                      Insane is a polite take on Robertson. I wonder if he's Satan's pawn.


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                        Stark raving mad is what Robertson is.

                        Even the Palestinians, while they have no love for Sharon and will unlikely mourn his passing when it occurs, see that their greatest hope for peace lay with the man they still call a "butcher". Simply because he was such a "strong" personality and could bend others to his views.

                        With Sharon passing from the political landscape regardless of his life or death the flames in tender box that bushie and his cronies have lit a match to in Iraq will spread to the east and voila, WWIII as predicted over 500 years ago.

                        And here Pat is saying that is a "GOOD THING?!?"


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                          Who is Pat Robinson?????

                          He's no Christian, That's for sure.

                          He speaks not for God nor Christians.

                          He speaks only for Himself.



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                            As soon as I heard that Sharon had taken a turn for the worse, I knew someone was going to turn it into a "sign from the Heavens". Thanks Pat for proving me right.

                            I'll give Pat one thing, he knows how to align people against him. This time, it is most Christians and Jews. He does have one person who agrees with him that the stroke was divinely inspired, the leader of Iran.

                            Bob S.


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                              Yes, Ol' Pat seems to be as crazy as Howard Dean!