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  • i have a question about the web page

    hello, i got a message from . John S. South Oz. They told me there was a Chinese naturist loginned the INA forum, but the link address
    can not be opened, anybody could tell me the reason, and Thanks a lot!

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    hello, i got a message from . John S. South Oz. They told me there was a Chinese naturist loginned the INA forum, but the link address
    can not be opened, anybody could tell me the reason, and Thanks a lot!


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      John may have meant this guy:

      Here's something he just posted:


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        Chinese Skinny-dipping Sparks Morality Debate.

        Tue Jul 26,10:38 PM ET
        BEIJING (Reuters) - A heatwave in China has led to a rash of nude swimming this summer, sparking a moral debate over whether such skinny-dips should be allowed, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

        "I was totally stunned and flushed at the first sight of these naked men," the China Daily quoted Zhao Yanjie as saying.

        Zhao, who lives near a river bank in the northeastern province of Liaoning, was moved to call on police to prevent such behaviour after she and her family stumbled upon a group of nude bathers while out for an evening stroll.

        "How can they do such disgraceful things in public?" she asked.

        Others argued that while naked swimming might be acceptable in Europe, it violated traditional Chinese customs and ethics.

        "They display their bodies for their own convenience but disregarding the public interest," said Ai Lijuan, a university lecturer in the seaside city of Dalian.

        The swimmers were unrepentant.

        "We can fully relax ourselves and merge with nature," a swimmer who declined to give his name told the newspaper.

        His enjoyment of skinny-dipping did not make him an exhibitionist, the man said.


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          If a post has been changed, edited, moderated, or deleted, that link could change and not be valid and you will get the error messge you are reading.

          BackpackerBrian has valid links to that User/Member, and his posted Photo Album [above]
          or two posts previous.


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            Nude Beach in China

            Naturists have long been regarded by clothed members of society as liberal in the extreme, taking left wing into left swing. It’s a lifestyle that doesn’t appeal to those who doubt whether their bodies are perfectly proportioned, and as the name implies, naturists see themselves as just being their naked, natural selves. Letting it all hang out, in a matter of speaking.

            EMBARRASSED: A blushing visitor realizes she's stumbled onto China's first nudist beach in Zhejiang Province
            The millions of people worldwide, who grin and bare it on nude beaches regularly, do so mainly in countries like the United States, France, Italy, Australia and the Canary Islands, where most of the world’s top 20 nude beaches are located. Surprisingly beaches in Croatia and Poland, countries normally known for their conservative image, are also renowned as some of the most popular.

            Now, what is even more surprising is news that China opened its own nude beach this month. I mean let’s face it; if there was one country foreigners would not expect to find nude bathing, it would be China. Right? Well think again. Xinhua News Agency’s website has reported that a nude swimming area, claiming to be the first in China, has been set up in Linan West Zhejiang Scenery Area, east China’s Zhejiang Province, set to have opened on August 12. Located 80 km from Hangzhou, the provincial capital, it is reported that the idea of setting up the nude swimming area was inspired by an incident where eight female university students took off their clothes and swam naked while playing, a scene that apparently embarrassed the beach security guards.

            The report said regardless of this embarrassment, the quick thinking person-in-charge of the area immediately erected a sign declaring it a “nude swimming area” and even though the sign was removed due to the protest of other visitors, it was re-erected.

            Linan West Zhejiang Beach Area customer service department confirmed the nude swimming area would be officially opened to the public on August 12.

            It would appear at this stage that separate areas are set aside for men and women and days of integrated nudist beaches are still in the pipeline.

            The move has elicited opinions from Chinese that range from gasps of horror, to shrugs of “why not?” The diametrically opposed views were well illustrated by two respondents, one of whom said, in the context of human development, moving from being naked to being clothed is advancement, while the other said acceptance of nude swimming means advancement of society.

            While most concerns seem to center around the possibility of nude swimming causing a disturbance to others, or becoming an organized activity causing public security problems or criminal acts, there is no law banning nude swimming or nude beaches in China.

            Nude bathing actually goes back to early Greek and Roman times, where society embraced a “clothing when necessary” attitude. Historical records show apart from public nude bathing, sports were also played in the nude, as seen in the early Olympic Games in Greece. When these ancient civilizations collapsed and religion began to dominate Western culture, opinions shifted to the sinfulness of sensuality, signaling the decline of nudism. It was a long clothed interval to 1903 when nudists reemerged, escaping the Victorian puritanical era, to bathe naked in Lubeck, Germany, at Free Light Park. Part of this original group of Germans took the lifestyle across to America in 1929.

            With the pendulum swinging across to China and nudity being traditionally taboo in Chinese culture, one has to ask the question: Is this just another example of Western lifestyle that will influence Chinese?

            If it is, it needs to be seen in the right context. nudists, or naturists as some prefer to be called, are often misunderstood as a group of people. There is no evidence, since the advent of nudism, that it is a type of lifestyle that promotes sexual promiscuity, lewdness, or exhibitionism. In fact one of the main reasons this “clothing optional lifestyle” was developed was to assist people to move away from the high stress of daily life and return to nature in a peaceful way. Those who wish to walk around naked with like-minded people in an area designated for this purpose, are no different from any other preferred lifestyle, and need to be accommodated.

            If the nude beach in Zhejiang takes off, it may spark a trend that could spread across the country. Will we see a wave of nudist beaches and resorts in China? After all, France already has its own nudist resort city on the Mediterranean, called Cap d’ Agde. Opening up could take on a whole new meaning, when stripped to the bare facts.
            author - Francisco Little



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              Chinese Public Opposition to Nude Beach



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                Dear Brian.
                Thank you for the amended link.
                John S.


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                  [QUOTE]Originally posted by BackpackerBrian:
                  John may have meant this guy:


                  thanks Brian so much, and i dropped a line to Liang, his reply will be appreciated.


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                    Dear Johnshon.
                    I was pleased to see that Liang has posted some pics in an album.
                    John S.


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                      Originally posted by John Spooner. South Oz.:
                      Dear Brian.
                      Thank you for the amended link.
                      John S.

                      No worries, mate!