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Looking for friends in Arizona

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  • Looking for friends in Arizona

    Live in Phoenix and I am new to the naturist thing.

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    Marcnphx: Where in Phoenix do you live and
    have you been to the Verde Hot Springs?


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      How's it goin, my name is Danny and I live in central Phoenix. I am new to the naturist movement as of a few years ago. I am also part of the INA staff and have been trying to help the movements progression. It is great to hear of a Phoenician typing in to the forum. I sure hope to meet you soon and will let you know of any get-to-gethers any time soon. Bartamus wrote about the springs north of here. It is a great place to get-together. What are you're hobbies, maybe we can get-together sometime?
      Naturally Dan


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        I'm fairly new to the nudism thing here in the Phoenix area too. Have you tried Shangra-La Ranch? It's laid back and the crowd is a little on the older side, but very friendly, not all are old though (depends on the time of week). It's a good place to get comfortable with nudism. There's many other places to go here in this state, just going to have to go on some fact finding mission till you find the perfect setting for you.



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          Hello everyone. Yes, Verde Hot Springs are nice, but it is clothing optional and somedays there are more clothed than nude but we have never heard of complaints from either group as everyone enjoys the hot springs and cool Verde River. ShangriLa is always nice although it is usually an older crowd there---we like nudists of all ages. We are a happy couple hoping to meet some nudist friends ourselves as social nudism is the best way to enjoy it with others and not be ashamed of our bodies. E-mail is: [email protected]