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    Hi im new here, i have always enjoyed being nude around the house and only ventured outside at night on a couple of occasions. By reading the posts in this forum, I think i could become more comfortable being nude durring the day and hopefully with other people. I hope I can ask questions and seek advise from some of you seasoned naturalist. thanks N-K

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    hey n-k!

    welcome to the forum. i hope you'll find here some of the answers to the questions you have about naturism and naturists. by all means, ask!

    social nudity in a non-sexual context is a wonderful "tonic" to the craziness that often passes for "life" here in the super-sophisticated twenty-first century technologized west. simple nakedness is the simplest pleasure i know of.

    --andy (nuovonudo)


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      These forums are great and full of people with a lot of helpful advise. Since joining the forums I have learned a lot and it made it easier to go to my first venue a few years back because I was armed with information and new what to expect.


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        Just be yourself and as you enjoy the new lifestyle you will see and understand so much more. I enjoy being nude at home and when I venture to one of our clubs I am welcomed and I enjoy meeting more people who love this lifestyle. Just be yourself and as time passes, you will have many opportunities as well. Welcome.


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          Welcome N-K!!


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            welcome nekkid-kayaker! glad to have you aboard!! feel free to look through my posts and if i can help you with anything feel free to e-mail me!


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              NK..You're not alone. I've only been nude around the house and verntured outside a couple times at night I live about 12 miles from a FL nude resort and plan on taking the plunge in about a month. I know I'll be nervous but feel I'm ready to take the next step. Have a feeling I'll regret not doing it years ago.


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                Hey,and welcome.


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                  N-K, the key to being relaxed while "practicing" nudism is to imagine you are fully clothed and ignore the new feelings and sense of freedom!



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                    Howdy N-K, and welcome.

                    Just want to let you know I'm a fellow nekkid Kayaker. This summer I started Kayak Sailing with a fancy Hobie 'yak.



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                      And a trans-Atlantic welcome from me.

                      Pete Knight


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                        Another Englishmen here; better qualified than the last. I paddle a sea-kayak (Pand H Capella) but too few paddlers in the UK to make a meet possible. Welcome to the place to hang out, self study and be yourself.
                        Love and light (also am a yogi)