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  • prisoned nudist

    hi, it is my 1st post here
    i'm a 22 male,from a middle east country
    i'm mad about being nude
    i hate wearing clothes,and i like enjoying being naked
    but here,in my country being nude in public is forbidden
    so i hope i can enjoy nudism with u in this nice forum

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    Welcome to Clothesfree and welcome from the US.

    It is not exactly legal for us here to go in public without clothes, but there are a beaches in our country where some of us can go to be naked. Quite a good number of nudist parks/resorts as well.

    You are not the first person from Egypt who is a nudist that I have met online. I hope you won't be the last. Good luck and enjoy every bit of private nudity that you can.

    Bob S.