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How did you start as a nudist?

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  • How did you start as a nudist?

    I'm interested to know more about the nudist culture. Can you please tell me how did you start as a nudist or naturist? I would like your answers to serve as an inspiration to me.

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    I'm interested to know more about the nudist culture. Can you please tell me how did you start as a nudist or naturist? I would like your answers to serve as an inspiration to me.


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      There wasn't any revelation. I began sleeping nude at about age 14. Would go into my bed room, close the door and under the covers, I'd take off my underwear. I did this for a while then started playing sports in HS and saw that many of the older guys would put on their pants (levi's) and didn't wear underwear. I tried that several times and enjoyed it so at about 16 I was not wearing underwear and sleeping nude all the time.

      When my parents and siblings would leave the house and I'd be alone, I would strip and stay nude inside and wonder out in our back yard til they came home.

      When I joined the Navy, I was worried about how I was going to sleep nude in boot camp. I managed most nights. Once I was stationed on a ship, I really didn't care much what any of the other thought and slept nude all the time.

      One morning a shipmate saw me get out of bed nude and later at breakfast asked if I was a nudist. I told him, "I dont' know", what's a nudist?" He was raised a nudist and told me all about "colonies" and his parents and family. I listen and after we talked many times about nudism, I was convinced that I was a nudist by his and his families' definition and philosophies.

      After I was married, my wife and I spent many days at home together nude, slept nude but confined ourselves to the apartment or rented houses we occupied. One night at a rented house with reasonable privacy, we ventured outside in the backyard and "technically" the front yard nude and like the feeling and the rush.

      We didn't experiment anymore for quite a while after that and confined our nudism to the house and backyard. For the past 27 years that we've owned homes, they have always been designed and configured to allow us to live without clothing both inside and outside on our property. We have ventured into social nudism only in the past 5-6 years. We both love it, love our nudist lifestyle and meet some really great people who are like minded.


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        Im not too certain what it was exactly that had me interested in nudism, but I guess that since I was a kid, I felt it was fun to take my clothes off. It was kinda cute to adults & was quite typical in a village setting to see kids of 4-5 yrs old running around nude & splashing in the river.

        I did spend a few years in the United States when I was between 6-9 years of age. Went along with the whole family when my dad pursued his studies there. Made a lot of friends while I was there & one of the few things I remember the most, was when I & a few of my friends were done playing in the playground & adjourned to one of their house for lemonade. I still remember her mom telling us to get out of our soiled & dirty clothes, wash our hands & feet before we sat down to have some cookies & drinks. So 4-5 of us boys & girls would be sitting around naked in the living room having snacks & watching cartoons. It was then that it registered in my head that being nude was ok & not offensive.

        Another significant moment I remember was, when mom, dad & my brothers went grocery shopping for the day & left me in the care of another Malaysian family friend, which was quite often. And while there, whenever it was time to take a shower before dinner I would be herded to the bathroom together with their daughters to shower together. So that also sort of cemented my notion that beinh nude with the opposite sex was ok.

        And so as I got older, Ive started like many of us here by hanging around the house nude when everyone was started to sleep nude too. As time progressed all these things & everything else Ive done nude have become a norm for me...till today.


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          I started in college in Orlando, Florida. For a sociology class, called Deviant Behaviour, we took a field trip to Cypress Cove. I thought that was the coolest!

          I wanted to explore more, so I chose nudism as my term-paper subject. This gave me the opportunity to talk to nudists and to use the American Nudist Research Library (at Cypress Cove) for background informaation.

          In the end, my term-paper was a bit baised in favor of nudism. I got an "A" in the class, and shortly thereafter joined a club in Tampa. While it was initially challenging to erase the years of cultural programming that nudity equals sex, and to find friends in my age group, with time there was a transformation.

          In the years since, I've found that the circle of friends I have formed in the naturist community consist of top-notch people. They are awesome people and great friends.

          It was really a great decision I made to become a nudist, and would do it all over again.


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            Like many of us here ,as a kid I found myself sleeping nudeand walking around the house nude when alone. I found that I felt better without clothes on .Than at 40I went to my first nudist outing it was great there is no turning back now.


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              I began as a teen while living on the family farm to go nude outdoors in the fields and by the river running through the property. I found I liked the skinny dipping while alone and then with others as some friends would join me after doing the farm work. I went social in college and converted my GF, soon to be wife, to the life. It was not a concious decision so much as doing what I enjoyed.


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                Great stories, ya'll.

                Mine is simpler since I am still a newbie. I was surfing the web and had heard about naturism from the Surreal Life on VH1 (when the people went to play volleyball in Palm Springs). I wasn't sure at first but the more I started reading here (and other sites) I was convinced that it was the way to go. It just seemed right. So I started hanging around the house nude then went swimming nude and then sunbathing nude. Now I am in the planning stages of my first social trip. I can't wait!!


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                  I started going nude outdoors when I was abour 10 or 11 years old. I would do this any time the oppurtunity presented itself because I lived out in the country where the chances of anyone seeing me were extremely low.

                  I didn't become a social nudist until I was about 30 when I found out about Playalinda Beach in Florida and made it a point to take a vacation in central Florida. Playalinda beach is still one of my favorite beaches, although Haulover is perhaps my favorite.


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                    Started in high school skinnydipping in the pool at night when no one was around, which led to sleeping nude. When I was in grad school started going to a beach on Fire Island that was c/o took off the trunks and never went back. We have a pool at home now, over the last two seasons have not worn a suit.


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                      I Started reading th bible more, getting more into church, started working more in the church and getting closer to God, Then I started doing some Spiritual Work and one day I accepted myself 100% and I've been nude whenever possible eversince.


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                        I, unlike FireProf, and Naked Kat, did become a nudist overnight. Literally! I had heard about nudism on the news, and decided to check it out. So I looked for some articles on google. Here is the one that convinced me.
                        Why and how should you become nudist ?

                        -Who can become a nudist ?
                        -Anyone ! Of any gender and any age !.
                        -Why should you become nudist ?
                        -Live a healthier live style.
                        -You will enjoy more in your life !
                        -You wont have tan lines
                        -You will become a better person.
                        -Forget your every-day cares while you are nude.
                        -You will enjoy doing activities during the day ( while you are nude ).
                        -Its like with clothes, but better !
                        -Save money on clothes
                        -You will have fun !
                        -If you are teen, then you must know what is good and fun for you, you dont have job or all the cares adults have... you should try it.... read on.

                        How do you become a nudist ?

                        Well, ther is nothing easier than to become a nudist !

                        The only thing you should do is to take your clothes off !

                        So how do you feel ? Great huh ? So free - its fun...

                        Of course you wont do it now ( But, if you done it, its great ) if you have someone at home, try removing your clothes when you are home alone, and you will see its great !

                        Next time you're be alone, lock the door, and undress, walk around from a couple of hours. Feel the breeze on your skin, the touch of the floor under your feet. Act as you would act usually, watch TV, read, etc. You can also start sleeping nude. I can guaranty you'll like it !

                        How do you become a nudist ?

                        Warning ! - If you will do the following you will never want to wear your clothes ever again (especially Israeli people) - It is hot now ... very hot, once you came home at the middle of the day (after school for example) and you have no one at home, remove your sticky and sweaty jeans and shirt ( or whatever )... So how do you feel ? So free ... feel the nice breeze on your naked body... and now try to remember how did you felt a few minutes ago... dressed, sweated , uncomfortable , yuck !
                        Try doing things you don't like to do in the nude, for example try cleaning your room, or studying while you nude... you will enjoy it !
                        -Start sleep in the nude ( if you hadn't done it until now )
                        -Try to find a place to go nude outside, a nude resort for example, find a nudist community.
                        -Thats it ! You are a nudist now ...

                        I tried it... and loved it. I have been a nudist since March, 2005. Yeah. not very long... Sorry it is so long.


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                          Progressively. First, there was a short nude stroll in the woods behind my parent's house, which became longer over time. Then they erected a pool, so I added skinny-dipping sessions when they were out. A big turning point was when I went on vacation in the French Pyrenees, went hiking and undressed at the top of a mountain. That's when I knew that it wasn't just some weird compulsion; it was much more. A year later I officially became a nudist.
                          On a side note, there seems to be two ways people start. First, there are the people who discover it by themselves; so it usually a lengthier process for them. And then there are people who are directly introduced to it; so for them it is more of an "instant" process. I sometimes wish I had been part of the second category.


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                            Don't know that I became a nudist. It seems more that I was always a nudist and just never verbalized it. I note that several have mentioned growing up in rural environments where the opportunity to be naked was present. I really think there are many many nudist out there but they never admit to it. I must admit to some anxiety the first time I went to a CO location and one part of me kept saying "you don't HAVE to do this" while the other side kept saying "you will never know what it is like if you don't try it". I've since met some very nice people and a few old grouches. Should we find it strange that this community mimics the rest of society in that respect? Not really!!
                            Personnally, I most enjoy the nude hiking because in addition to the feeling of the sun and the breeze on your skin you have the added challenge of avoiding detection. My powers of seeing, hearing and smelling become elevated and guess what happens? Not only do I avoid detection but suddenly I am so much more in tune with nature and my surroundings. I see more wildlife and can observe it more closely. Actually, only those who have experienced this have any idea what I'm talking about. Too bad most of the world will never know what that is like!!!!


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                              Just by reading the stories, I tend to think we all had nudist tendencies when we were younger. I know I did. My story is basically the same, took off the clothes when I was alone at home, or slept nude at times.

                              But when I first discovered I liked the lifestyle, was about three years ago. After surfing the web and found this site, I decided right then and there, life was too short, so I literally dropped my shorts in the living room, in front of my wife (hw). She thought I lost it. I was going through a very tragic time in my life (family deaths), and decided I had to live my life.

                              To make a long story short, she has since became accepting of my nakedness, but only when the house is clear of kids. She has since been a regular here on the forums and has made many friends. I admit, I became a 'hard core' nudist, but for the wrong reasons. I liked being naked so much, I put it ahead of my family. To this, I have 'tamed down', but I still don't wear anything when on the computer, but I will wear shorts when my sons' and grandsons' friends over, or when my daughter visits.

                              Very interesting question. For the older members, you have probably heard my story before, but I repeated it for the newer members. Hard to believe the many different aspirations that have been similiar, just to gain the same goal, and that is to live life without clothes.