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    Do your neighbors know that your a nudist? Have they seen you nude and are they ok with it. I live in a townhouse which is easy to see into, so Im concerned about how they may feel about my desire to be nude.

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    Do your neighbors know that your a nudist? Have they seen you nude and are they ok with it. I live in a townhouse which is easy to see into, so Im concerned about how they may feel about my desire to be nude.


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      I live in an apartment and share a back deck with my neighbor next door. One night while drinking, my partner and I told her that we like to be naked at home and have been to the nude beach. She kind of giggled and laughed nervously (you could tell she was uncomfortable). So I doubt she would ever join in.

      My partner and I have gone nude on the back deck late at night (while all of the neighbors were asleep). I don't think anyone saw us unless they were peeking from their windows!


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        Yes, neighbors on both sides of us, across the street from us and a couple down the street know we are nudists and that we are naked in our home and backyard all the time.

        Yes, they've all seen us....or at least me. The neighbors on both sides and across the street have seen my wife in the backyard.

        Are they okay with it? They all are still friendly, we talk occasionally or often, depending on which neighbor we're talking about. We've not had the cops arrive at our front door at any time so....I'd say, "yes, they are okay with it."

        We plan to have the neighbors on both sides of us over, separately, for some wine and conversation in the near future and I'm sure the topic of our nudity will come up. We are hopeful that they will continue to understand and get a better feeling for why it is we live a nudist lifestyle.


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          Yes my neighbors next door know I like going with out clothes, in the house and they have said no bid deal. I think they go with out clothes at times too. And more so when it very warm and in fact they go skinny dipping in thier pool sometimes at night I have said I don't care its thier pool have fun .


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            All of our neighbors (4), whom share the boundries of the back yard, know. So far, nothing has been said. I know they have seen me at one time or another. I finally got brave (a few beers helped), and went around asking them if it would bother them if I was nude in the backyard. I told them I don't wear anything when outside. There were no objections. To this day, nothing has been said (going on 4 years).

            As far as seeing me, oh yea, I'm sure they did. We had an above-ground pool and had to get in via ladder. So I'm sure they have, at one time or another.

            The other day, I was outside (in the back) and was working. The neighbor, I'm sure, saw me. Later in the day, in the front of the house, she and I traded greetings and nothing was said.


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              nudeM I think you have the right approach. It is stupid to sneak around naked when by asking one can clear the air and no more sneaking around. Unfortunately it could back-fire if one or more of the neighbours objected when you asked them. But I think most people if asked, even if they did object would not say so as they don't want to appear as prudes. Also I agree lots of beer helps in the initial confrontation.

              We have a 6 foot fence and all single storey dwellings so no worries there but I must repeat a story I told some time before.

              The neighbours behind us are very nice people who would like to socialize with us a lot. On the other hand my wife and I try to be friendly but are not socializers. One day after we had come back from Eden Bay my wife was over paying a neighbourly call and they asked about our trip. My wife told them that we were in the Dominican Republic and really enjoyed it and hope to go back next year. At that point the lady said to us that because we enjoyed it so much would we mind if they joined us next year when we went. My wife told them they couldn't go at which point the husband demanded to know why they couldn't go anywhere we could go. Without batting an eye my wife told them that they would have to be naked. The subject was dropped like a hot potato and whenever the lady wants to pay a visit (there is a gate in the fence) she makes quite a lot of noise and announces that she is coming over.

              I guess we dont have to worry about them ever seeing us naked!!!


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                Did your neighbors find out by seeing you nude first or did you ask them?


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                  i live in the downstairs portion of a two-flat, with no fences around. i try to be careful about being seen, but i'm becoming less and less discreet as time goes on. i guess i'll just keep going until i get yelled at or a threatening note taped to the door.

                  we just moved down here in may, so i only the neighbors by waves and smiles.


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                    Posted by sjbb:
                    Did your neighbors find out by seeing you nude first or did you ask them?

                    At first I 'snuk' around, but I finally got brave and went to ask them. Sure, the legs got wobbly (nerves), but that subsided after the beers took affect, then there was nothing to it.

                    As far as them seeing me, not at all. That's when I had to 'sneak'. Now I just walk out without having to worry. I just walk out as though I were fully clothed to relax, work, swim, etc. Sure is nice to have great neighbors.


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                      Like NudeM, we used to sneak around after sunset and in the evening but I grew tired of this and began going outside in the day time when the neighbors were home.

                      We used to have a wooden fence that you could see through. We tried for several years to get our neighbors on the one side with the wooden fence to go in on a block wall but could never get them to commit.

                      We just began spending time out in our yard nude and one day we heard the women next door say something"oh my god, I can't believe it!" A few weeks later her husband was over to ask us if we'd like to put up the wall.

                      The question may rise...."why didn't we say anything before to them about our nudist tendencies?" My wife, at first, didn't want anyone to know, although, we had been seen by their sons, the husband and the wife because we caught them peeking over the fence while we were sunning and skinny dipping in the daytime.

                      We figured they knew and so we just left it alone until she made this comment out loud while we were in the back yard. They've come to visit and have attended numerous family functions and social gatherings and after a couple of glasses of wine, they loosen up and make small jokes or comments about us and our need for "privacy."

                      We've just never sat down with them and said, "so, you must have questions about our love for not wearing clothes at all." That's where we want the conversation to go in the future over a bottle of wine.


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                        This is an issue that I will have to face this summer. Well I sort of already had one icident. I had a neighbor drop by unexpectedly and he came into the backyard while I was nude, nothing was said, strange but true.

                        I have and acre of land and most of that is covered with pine trees. I put up a privacy fence on one side and my detached garage blocks the other side, the back property is partially obscured by trees and that neighbor is a quarter mile distant. So I feel fairly secure being nude on my property at least in the backyard but I intend to add more fencing and landscaping. I guess I should have a talk with the neighbors but I also feel like there is a possiblity that it will never come up, then again it could. I think I will take my time and see how things go before I do tell them. In the mean time I will be putting up more fences and shrubs next year along with a deck and hot tub.


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                          I know (because I went and looked) that if my neighbours in the back stand at the fence andlook into our yard they can see directly in the family room which has glass patio doors and a big window. However because we are on a slope they would have to be practially be hanging over the fence to see in - and even though they do (they are very nosey) i don't really care. In fact I'm in their now, nude and I know they are in their backyard(they have a very noisey leaf blower_so they may or maynotsee me.


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                            Neighbours (Canadian spelling, LOL) cannot generally see into a house via a window.

                            They would have to be peering right into the window or may see you if an interior light is on.
                            My wife and I conducted a test. She went outside. She could not see my nude form in the window, unless she got right up close to the exterior of the window.
                            No light was on in the room I was in, as it was during daylight hours.
                            Some very intelligent people on this forum suggested the test, they were right!


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                              Originally posted by sjbb:
                              Do your neighbors know that your a nudist? Have they seen you nude and are they ok with it. I live in a townhouse which is easy to see into, so Im concerned about how they may feel about my desire to be nude.

                              Im pretty sure one of our neigbors knows we are nudists and dont seem to care. On the other side some new neighbors just moved in so we've been pretty cautious about going out back lately. The people living in the next house over from them have spotted us nude in the backyard more than once and havent said anything about it so Im assuming they're fine with it too.