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  • Smyrna, TN

    Any Nudists in Smyrna, or close by?
    New to this area. I have found a lake just a couple miles from my house. It is a GREAT place for Skinny dipping, esspecially late at night.

    If you are a Nudists near Smyrna, let me know. Maybe meet up at the lake. (Recreation area) for those that know.

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    Hey dude. I'm in Knoxville. It's a few hours east of you.


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      Yeah, not to far away. Do you ever get over this far? Like I said above, There is this great Lake, J Priestly just to the north of Smyrna. I go there at night to skinnydip.

      Feel free to E-mail me.

      Today I just found another area that is blocked off to cars, but nothing else stopping people from going. No Signs. However, No one does. I snuck back there, and NOBODY!!!

      Anyone Else???? There have bound to be more people around here. Esspecially with a Nudist resort only 20 min away. Either post here, or again, Feel free to E-mail me