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Telling someone I know about nudism

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  • Telling someone I know about nudism

    How do I do it?

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    How do I do it?


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      First of all decide what it is you want to tell them about nudism.



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        You could try telling a very close friend, that's what I did, and it worked out great!


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          Jonathan I think the first question to ask yourself is "why should I tell them?" What is their need to know? What difference does it mean to you whether or not people know you are a nudist? If THEY ask, tell them you are, otherwise why even bring it up? Whats there to gain? Its a bit like a gay guy in the closet. Once you tell all you are gay you have to accept the consequences of the answers. Some will be in support, others will no longer speak to you.
          Be patient, tell only those who you think might want to know more about naturism and perhaps join with you in its benefits. You must just be patient.
          Good luck.



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            Presuming that you feel this is someone who'd be receptive to nudism, the question would be hom much to tell them & how to introduce the subject into conversation. I've been told by friends that they go to a particular beach & ask if I go there as well, or someplace else. This presents an opening to mention the nude beach I go to (if I feel that the individual won't take it poorly). I've had people mention nude beaches & ask me if I would ever consider going to one. There are ways to politely let the person know that you're not opposed to nudity. I wouldn't just tell someone point blank "I'm a nudist", unless I felt pretty certain they would not be offended.


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              Your best bet is to wait until it might naturally comes up in a conversation. Just matter of factly state whatever happens to be the situation (I've been to a nude beach before, I've gone skinny dipping, I never wear anything to bed, etc.) If this person is a close friend, they probably won't be surprised, and/or they will be supportive.


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                I am with Don here, ask yourself why you want to tell someone about nudism. Rik also makes a great point about what you want to tell them about. The other question is the who.

                You have a lot of unanswered questions that need to be answered in order for us to give you more specific advice, if this advice isn't specific enough.

                And remember, it is best to let the topic come up in conversation naturally unless you want to "comfess" out of the blue.

                Bob S.


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                  Well Jonathan, it depends on how many people you want to know. I told a few at work, and befor long EVERYONE there who knows me knew I live in a nudist reosrt. Of course, I don't care who knows.

                  NKDDON's advice is good and worth following. By the way, my name is also Jonathan.


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                    I don't care who I tell. I don't like having to hold back information. It's like telling a lie. You have to remember what you said and to who.

                    If the people I tell are shocked or embarrassed by the truth about what I say and drop me as a friend, they weren't very good friends after all.

                    And besides, the more people we tell the more the word nudist gets into their mind and they know that more and more are into the naturist movement.



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                      I lost what I thought was a friend that I had known for 20 years when she found out my ideas concerning nudity. I hadn't even gotten the chance to tell her I was a nudist.


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                        That is a quick way to lose anywhere from 120 to 160 pounds isn't it? She must not have been very much of a friend to lose her over something as simple as nudity. It is probably for the best. I don't know the situation but just be glad that you weren't more involved with her, unless she is you exwife then be glad she's gone...Cheers...NoodJuggler. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]


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                          No, Keith, she was just a friend or so I thought. I was "feeling" her out to see what she thought about nudity before telling her I had gotten into nudism. We had been members of the same church. She had gotten offended over a nude photo of my 2-year-old daughter and thought that it was just terrible! All I said was that I wasn't offended by nudity, and she informed me in an e-mail that we couldn't be friends any longer. I guess she didn't have the nerve to tell me to my face. It's easier to say things in writing.


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                            Jon-Marc, that woman sure sounds extreme to me. I know plenty of folks who are proud to show off nude pictures of their kids and they are as textile as a cotton mill. I have a very textile friend whose kids played nude in the living room before and after their evening bath until they were about six years old.

                            I have had mixed reactions when I tell friends about being a nudist. With all the prudery these days, I think putting one toe in the water is a good idea lest you say too much to someone who is paranoid and he or she reports you to the law.

                            I had to laugh at the man who called the police to report that his male neighbor was not wearing a shirt in his own yard. I am glad that the police warned him never to call about that again!


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                              Originally posted by Jon-Marc:
                              [qb] ...She had gotten offended over a nude photo of my 2-year-old daughter and thought that it was just terrible! All I said was that I wasn't offended by nudity, and she informed me in an e-mail that we couldn't be friends any longer. [/qb]
                              Your "friend" was obviously a deeply troubled person, and somehow the picture and your comment touched a wound. It wouldn't surprise me if she had been sexually molested as a child.

                              So...the incident wasn't about you at all. You just happened to be standing on the corner when the accident happened.