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    It’s official: I’m a nudist. Until now, my nudism was confined to the home. From time to time I would allow myself to be seen nude in the presence of close friends. But typically my nudism was private. But, I’ve been eager to take the next step; to visit a beach or resort. I finally took that step.

    I planned my visit to Sunsport Gardens in Loxahatchee, FL around a visit I had previously planned in the area. I was nervous but determined. All the usual first time concerns were running through my mind. Will I be welcomed, will I feel comfortable, will I fit in, etc.

    When I arrived at the entrance of Sunsport Gardens, I was immediately greeted by two staff members. As I approached them, I noticed how warm and inviting their faces were. They didn’t know me, but were happy to see me. As I was registering in the front office, I was starting to feel awkward. I was the only person of 5 in the office with clothes. Suddenly, I was the odd man out. I was given the choice of a clothed or unclothed tour of the grounds and without as much as a second thought, I was removing my clothes, grabbing the all too familiar mandatory towel, and off I went.

    The tour lasted about 15 minutes and by the end I had already decided my anticipated afternoon visit would be an overnight stay. I reserved one of Sunsport Gardens’ comfortable cabins, complete with kitchen, bedroom, full bath and screen porch.

    Over the next two days I wandered the grounds, explored the nature trails, sunned on the deck and relaxed in the pool. The outdoor shower was incredible. Typically, a shower is more of a utilitarian function; routine and uneventful. But Sunsport Gardens outdoor showers are a connection with nature. Standing, full monty, amongst the birds, the trees, and the warm morning sun was a rebirth of the soul.

    My trip to Sunsport Gardens was, without a doubt, the most enjoyable and relaxing vacation I’ve had in years. The other guests were friendly, inviting and gracious. The facilities were clean, the staff was accommodating. I am eager to return and to explore other resorts throughout the State of Florida. I am a nudist.

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    Sunsport was my first resort experience too, although I had been to some group nudist events and nude beaches before. Glad you enjoyed it. I wish I would have lived there when I lived in the area.


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      ya, you were more than ready to joing the social aspects of being nude! now that you have the experience enjoy and meet as many kind hearted people as you can.


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        Resorts have allot to offer. They are expensive but then again someone has to put all that togather, organize, maintain it, improve it, insure that and more so you do get allot for your money as well as a safe and free place to just be nude.

        Sounds like you found a jewel of a place to hang out!


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          Resorts are usually an excellent "first step" as it were, for a "new"nudist. The fear of being "dscovered" or worse yet, arrested, for being naked outside is removed. Resorts are generally safe and inviting places for folks to begin their nude social life. Welcome to the fold!


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            Odie welcome to the world of naturism ,I visited Sunsport this last February and like you had a great and relaxing time the people where so nice and made me feel right at home .Ron


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              Sunsport Gardens was the very first nudist resort I visited and they made me feel welcome and included. After a few minutes, I was just free to be natural. The experience encouraged me to visit other resorts.
              Florida Cracker


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                We visited Sunsport within the last year and found it very friendly. It is "rustic" and more on the order of a "camp" than a classy resort.