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What temperature do you set your home thermostat at ?

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  • What temperature do you set your home thermostat at ?

    My wife & I keep it set at 67 degrees during the dry season, but increase it to seventy-two when it's raining, etc.. I was just wondering how our comfort temperate zone compared to that of others.

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    My wife & I keep it set at 67 degrees during the dry season, but increase it to seventy-two when it's raining, etc.. I was just wondering how our comfort temperate zone compared to that of others.


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      Keep the wood stove cranked up so can be naked all winter and save on the heating bill.Long for the spring and getting back to the great outdoors
      Stay happy -stay naked !


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        Constant 75 degrees day and night.



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          Mine is on 74. That is where I am most comfortable.


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            I'm most comfortable at the low 80's. Yep, you read that right. Lower 80's. Anything less that mid 70's and I start getting really uncomfortable.

            Bet you can guess what I think about winter. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]


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              67 degrees daytime...58 while sleeping...Just got my PG&E bill [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_eek.gif[/img] and may have to adjust downward...Odb [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]


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                I put it on 73 for sleeping and 80 when I'm up. I never wear clothes indoors, and the older I get the colder I get. Less than 73 at night, and I have to put a T shirt on, which I'd rather not do. My body temp changes, so I have to adjust the thermostat from anywhere between 78 to 82 depending on how cold or warm I feel.


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                  I'm nude at home all the time unless I/we have guests. Then I'll wear shorts and a t-shirt. They'll usually be wearing jeans and sweaters and still complain that they're cold!! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

                  Last winter while I was living alone I let the temperature get down to 63-65 while I was awake and set it at about 70 when I went to bed.

                  Now that I'm living with my fiance we have to keep it warmer for her. She wears clothes (jeans, t-shirt, and sweater) and is cold at 73 but we don't turn it up much over that. $$$ When she's not home I'll let it fall into the mid-60's.

                  She's leaving for a week to go visit her family in Kansas so I suspect I'll be saving on the electricity bill while she's away. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] I might even have to put some clothes on.... Nah!!



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                    I usually have it set around 74 or so durring the day then turn it down to 60 or so at night. I find I sleep best when it is a little chilly. I just throw another blanket on and snuggle up next to my wife.


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                      my wife sets the thermostat. i guess that wasn't the question. was it? she sets it at 74 in the evening during the winter which is a little warm for me. summer it is set at 80. then when we go bed it is 65 winter and 75 summer. we always sleep nude. we have a lot of south facing windows and no curtains and on sunny days in the winter the heater or the fireplace is rarely on. the sun warms it quit well. sorry about this being so long please forgive.


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                        I think two other factors seem to come into play.
                        What about the temp at work?
                        What about the climate & outdoor temp?

                        In my case, we have an actual WINTER in Western NY. So the body does get accustomed to it. I had to move my car an hour ago, and was not cold for those few minutes. (The current outdoor temp is a "balmy" 43 degrees F.)

                        I still work full time and the setpoint for the thermostats in the office are computer controlled for 71. I usually find that to be a touch warm, but of course I am clothed there.
                        When I come home, I take my clothes off depending on the mood. I usually set the home thermostat at 70-72 when I am nude and that works well.

                        At night, it sets back to 61, and then I snuggle in under the blankets. By the time morning rolls around, the house is that cold. I hate having to get up before the heat warms back up. But, with an automatic thermostat, it is set for 30 minutes before the alarm goes off, so that is usually not an issue.



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                          Hey you lot - what about OPENING THE WINDOWS and turning the AIR CONDITIONERS OFF.

                          I used to dislike the summer because it was too hot. Then I became a nudist and now ENJOY the feeling of warmth on my skin. A hot day when nude is great, if you sweat a little the breeze or air passing over bare skin quickly cools it and you feel great.

                          I have found that if you are in a protected environment your body becomes more sensitive to changes in temperature. I bet all you people with air conditioners notice any small variation (e.g. when the compressor is working V when just pumping air or notice the drafty fans blowing). Protecting yourself with air conditioners is a bit like wearing (protective)clothes - both smooth out the temperature variations and you lose the pleasure of warmth, coolnes, breezes of natural outside air.

                          Some of you may live in extreme climates where nudity may be almost impossible without A/Cons. The question should have also asked you to state the outside temperatures as well as the "comfort zone" inside. Right now, summer in Australia, inland country here I am comfortable if the OUTSIDE temp. is anywhere from 22F to 105F - windows open. I sleep perfectly comfortably nude of course with the windows open, one or two blankets (and my wife) with the temp. down to 53F. Even in winter , window open, a dooner and the temp down to freezing point.

                          I walk at night with temperatures down to 70F or with a T shirt only, down to 64F. Below that I put clothes on



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                            People are too accustomed to air conditioning, thats one reason why nudity or even toplessness isnt practical in most places because they crank up the ac so much so that wont happen but people take it for granted and when its not there, they go nuts because they donty have it. I think its better to just get nude, open the window and turn off the dasmn ac, it wastes too much power anyways, its better to keep that electric bill down, especially for people that have hard time with money. Same thing with lights, during the day mostly you dont even need them on just open the windows and doors and let nature light your house, at least god doesnt ask for a monthly or yearly electric bill. Of course his light source is gonna keep runnin on its own for another 5 billion years anyways so he doesnt need to cover maintence anytime soon. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]


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                              I keep my apartment at 60 all winter. The electric heat costs a fortune! (I do have plans to move next year.)