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    "...I took the shorts off and nobody looked, nobody pointed, nobody laughed. Obviously not. Everyone else was naked too. Within seconds the moment had passed and I was just one naked person on a beach with a lot of other naked people. It has nothing at all to do with what you look like. On a beach, being naked just makes good practical sense. No swimsuit for sand to get all caught up in, no tan lines to worry about. And once you’ve been naked on a beach, why not at a bar, or in a corner shop, or a swimming pool? We’re all just people. Various sizes and shapes and levels of hairiness and wrinkliness and tan, but, basically all the same..."
    What happened to our writer when she went to a naturist resort for the first time?

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    I was in Seattle and Lake Washington was calling me. It was a beautiful August day right after noon when I got to the small park with a very small beach. It would not hold thousands of people and those who were there at the time were not crowded. As I descended the stairs I noticed a couple on a blanket, she reading a book and he sitting and looking out at the water. There were a few waders with most of the men fully nude and women wearing bikini tops and bottoms, just bottoms, and fully nude too. One guy was a curiosity in that he carried a bottle of beer, waded out to about his knees, and stood facing the beach. I was not sure if he was just there to look or be seen. Most people were part of a group especially the women and there were more women than men that day. Few of us were there alone as was I. So I spread my blanket, dropped my shorts and just sat on the beach for a short time to observe what others were doing. I ventured into the water several times to swim and cool off and at the end of my stay gathered my belongings and moved to a grassy area to get dressed again. What I noticed is that if people were paying attention to me, I did not notice. Nobody pointed and laughed though they certainly had reason to do so.
    My final take is that it was a pleasant experience, but would have been better is shared.


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      I did not go nude the first time I visited a nude beach.

      I had gone with some friends from my dorm to a beach in the Seascape area of Santa Cruz. This was in the early 1980s. I am not sure why my friends chose that beach, and I'm not sure they knew that it was used by nudists.

      As soon as we put our towels down, we noticed several people walking along the water's edge totally nude. This was a revelation to me.

      I had always thought nudist venues functioned on a quid pro quo of "You show me yours and I'll show you mine." These people obviously didn't care that they were being seen nude by clothed people. They were nude simply because they enjoyed being nude.

      Our group was coed. None of us went nude. We had been in the dorm together for most of the year, so we were like brothers and sisters. It would have been impolite to go nude.

      After that revelation, I resolved I would never again be embarrassed to be seen nude. I went on my own to a nude beach and confirmed as I expected that swimsuits are just a hassle and being nude is far more pleasant.

      When I proposed to my wife, I thought I would be giving up nude beaches, but then she told me how much she and her sister used to enjoy skinny dipping in their family's pool. She was enthusiastic when I suggested we visit a nude beach. When we plan a vacation, one of the first things she asks is if we will be near a nude beach.