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Real acceptance / Gender Identity

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  • Real acceptance / Gender Identity

    As a pre-op transgender woman, I am curious about how ì would be accepted, or treated at naturist friendly resorts or beaches. Being someone who identifies as and looks like a woman, but when I am naked, the fact that I still have a penis would be revealed to all. I would like to think that the concept of inclusion, acceptance, and anti body shaming would be unconditional. But since this topic is somehow absent from any and all information, media, discussion, or FAQ that I can find, ì wanted to try and start a topic here to see how people respond. The naturist experience to a transgender person, with the possibly ultimate body shame, insecurity, and dysphoria issues of all people, could be very positive and liberating, or totally traumatic and devastating.

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    In my entire nudism set of experiences, I do not recall being part of this particular set of circumstances. So, I cannot comment on how others might respond. As for me, this situation would seem to be part of the regular specturm of possibilities, so someone else to talk with and get to know. No problem from my perspective.


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      Everyone looks different. Some men already have more of a feminine look and are accepted in nudist environments.