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What's the proper etiquette?

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  • What's the proper etiquette?

    If you're at a nude beach and you meet someone whom you find attractive, what is the proper etiquette for hitting on someone/picking them up/flirting? Either when meeting other guys or girls?
    IS there an etiquette? My apologies for my naivete.
    And, does this forum have an etiquette for doing the same with fellow members?


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    Response #1: how would you do it on a textile beach?

    Response #2: just leave the womyns alone. Why do you think there are so few of them on nude beaches? If they are interested, they can hit on you.


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      If your lucky to get close enough to strike a conversation, then you are almost there. Trying to find someone to strike up a conversation with on a nude beach can be a challenge, at least that has been my experiences.

      For the most part, I have been pretty lucky at finding others to talk to, but some don't want to be bothered. And for the record, I wasn't trying to pick up on anyone, just trying to find someone to talk to. A couple of times I was lucky enough to be close enough to join in a conversation. Other times, I wasn't even 'acknowledged'.

      Trying to 'hit' on someone at a nude beach isn't something you just jump into. You have to be sure the person is comfortable enough to talk to you, much less 'go out on a date'. Tricky subject, but a nude beach/resort is not the best place to 'hit' on others.


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        Originally posted by nudeM:
        If your lucky to get close enough to strike a conversation, then you are almost there. Trying to find someone to strike up a conversation with on a nude beach can be a challenge, at least that has been my experiences.
        There are people, and then there are people. Somehow this thread reminded me of the woman who used to run the "Travel" club I belonged to. She aggressively cornered people and talked incessantly in a shrill voice for as long as you could stand and longer. A day at a nude beach with her left you wanting some peace and solitude.

        In general the females at nude beaches and club events are more sensitive to “unwelcome” advances than other places. Many are not looking to meet men at nudist events, but some are. My ex-wife, for example went to nudist events looking for a new guy after our divorce . Many females still expect men to make the social advances, but only men they have noticed and found attractive. The men, of course, don't know which class she has put us in nor whether or not she's wanting company.

        Femalses are more quick to complain about “harassment” at nudist places than females at your office, but you won’t lose your job if they complain at the nude beach. If you make the man’s required advance and get rejected that is probably the most likely outcome, but failing to be forward is guaranteed not to make her acquaintance. The choice is between poor chance and no chance. So go ahead and ask politely if she would mind your company for a while.



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          Bob gives good advice in his post.

          From a female standpoint:

          If you engage in a conversation with a woman at a nude beach and would like to ask her out: Write down your number and tell her to call if she's interested in a date. Be honest and upfront and "hopefully" she will be too. (You can tell I've been married a long time, my views of dating are probably very warped! LOL)

          I'm like NudeM, I love to converse at the beach and meet new people. I have no interested in anything but friendly chatter and am very clear about that in my conversations should the other person say anything I might see as a flirt.

          Just remember your manners and respect fellow beach goers. Their attitude during your conversation will probably let you know if they are just being polite or if they are really open to having a conversation with you.

          Polite compliments are always appreciated....we are women afterall. LOL


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            My basic advice would be... forget about it. You're very unlikely to pick up a woman for dating at a nude beach. The few that are there, if they are not with someone, will be on-guard and weary of fending off advances/flirts/creepniess by many other men. Men tend to be hyper-optimistic, and while there's certainly nothing wrong with wishing you could meet a woman on a nude beach, it's just not reality.

            Now that's the basic idea... however there are always exceptions. I just wanted to throw out a reality check :-)

            A more likely way to date a nudist woman is to find a non-nudist woman and introduce her to the lifestyle.

            If you're a woman seeking a man, of course that's way different - just go up and starting talking! I'd imagine that for gays it's not so difficult either.


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              Im with Denital C ,

              Im married too and glad Im not in that scene but I tlak toeveryone around me but that isas far asit goes .Male or female . Ive been told I feel compelled to talk to people next to me LOL.
              Some good points have been brought up , its just too bad that a few bad guys ruineit for the rest .
              Here is some more advice , I think Denital will get alaugh out of EYEcontact! with whom you are trying to pick up a woman knows where your eyes are or have been . If you ever had a chance in hell and you look where you shouldnt it over .


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                I'm married, so hitting up on ladies, no matter where I'm at is out of the question.

                In fact, behavior which could leave anyone thinking that I'm cruising, is out of the question because I cannot afford to deal with the consequences of any misunderstandings.

                The only possible exception, should my wife get the wrong idea, would be if the woman in question was willing to make my alimony payments after my wife divorces me.

                This afternoon, while at Native Woods, we were talking about singles at nudist resorts. Among the reasons that many resorts don't allow single males, is because of a few (some who paid their dues to AANR, TNA, INA, etc.), who abuse their membership to our associations and clubs.

                Single females are rarely found at any nudist beaches, clubs and resorts. Those who enjoy nudism probably want to read a book, get an all-over tan, and/or just relax. The last thing that they want would be for any single guys (or married guys who act like they're single) to surround them like vultures.

                My advice to GaryCooper675 (who did bring up an important issue) is to forget about finding any available single women at any nude resort. Look elsewhere.

                An aisle at a supermarket would be a better place to start. There women are less on the defensive (except if such controversial matters, such as being short-changed by the cashier, are brought up).

                By the way, it is not my intention to change the subject to Hustling Betty Crocker, Aunt Jemima, Little Debbie...