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  • solair in CT

    Anyone else been to solair, my wife and i spent 3 days ther and to quote my wife "i've found my own piece of paradise"
    3 days of total relaxation with the nicest people you could meet

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    Sure have! love it....OUr favorite place in the NorthEast


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      Oh and if you get the chance to go this weekend for Labor day Do it...there is a kick butt labor day party..


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        My wife and i were there aug 11=13
        we used to live in the UK and regular visitors to studland bay in dorset, first time at a resort, didn't kow what to expect, but we've never been so relaxed in our lives. We never expected the serenity we received, even though we were in a tent a bit chilly at night though!


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          yep we tented too every time we went....but temps were warm....The cabins are nice, well the new ones anyway.


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            They put us in the tent site 22 with electric! Atleast i could keep up with the baseball while my wife roasted marshmellows on the rim fireplace we set up!


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              Well we actually stayed in the RV sites, we did not care for the platform sites.

              We made a lot of freinds there and our kids did too. They were able to go with the group to Six Flags last year.


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                The lady and I went there for a day a few weeks ago--not sure of the date, but it was the day they did the swing dancing.

                We did lots of stuff, paddled a canoe round the pond, swam there and in the pool, hiked the trail, soaked in the hot tub, had the fancy hors d'oeuvres that a group was serving (we made that into dinner) and of course did some dancing. Oh, and there was a kids' activity involving model rockets so we watched a few of them go up.

                I think we got our money's worth.


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                  I have been to Solair......I used to be a member.
                  A very nice, friendly resort. Unfortunately, is too far from where I live.


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                    I go to Solair. Its a great place, nice people, a lot to do, beautiful grounds. They have their own lake and lots of trails, as well as a pool, hot tub, club house, tennis, and vollyball. I always come back feeling so relaxed.


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                      We know that when we can we will be joining as full members, maybe even buy an RV so we don't have to rough it!


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                        We are thinking of doing some camping in New England this summer and are wondering what Solair is like. We love to swim, hike and relax au naturel and looking Solair it looks like a nice spot for that. If anyone has been there recently let us know what the atmosphere is like and how you enjoyed it.


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                          There is a lot to do, great people, and beautiful grounds. They have a little diner with excellent food.

                          For the Northeast it is probably the best

                          What else do you want to know?


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                            I think we need to take a trip down there and check it out. We've been to Cedar Waters and loved the fact that it was more nudist "park" than "resort". We love the outdoors and going for hikes of anywhere from 1-2 hours if we can. We prefer natural water to a pool and Solair has a lake (even if it seems a bit small). So next step is to get off our butts and see it for ourselves. Besides Old Sturbridge Village are there any other spots that people might recommend we check out while down there?


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                              Hello Yasehtor

                              Based on your comments, if you travel a bit south another nudist club you might enjoy is

                              spring fed lake, hiking trails, lots of nature au naturel

                              located in the northern mountains of northern New Jersey