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  • Who shold know?

    Who should know that I am anaturist?
    I did tellone close friend and she was accepting
    but not willing to join me.

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    Who should know that I am anaturist?
    I did tellone close friend and she was accepting
    but not willing to join me.


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      I have told people that I expect to come over to my house once in a while. I have several relatives that are in the habbit of just walking in when they come over. So when I decided to start spending more time nude in my house and yard, I decided to "give them a little warning" that I will probably be nude.
      Most of them took the news pretty well. I tried to break it to them slowly by mentioning my trips to nude beaches and that I like to tan nude.
      No matter how well you try to prepare them, some people will still be a little set back the first time they actually see you nude.

      So far I have only had one disappointment. A 15 year old Niece of mine has decided that I'm not the uncle she thought she knew. She thinks there is something wrong with nudity.
      The hardest part of the whole thing is that she won't talk to me anymore, so I can't even try to explain nudism to her.
      Maybe in time she will give me a chance. But for now I'm just going to let it be.

      So anyway, My advice for who you should tell, is to tell anyone that has a pretty good chance of seeing you nude. You might lose a friend or two, but the one's that accept you were better friends in the first place.



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        I'm very open about the fact that I'm not only a nudist, but that I live in a nudist resort. Many people at work know, both men and women. Sometimes I get kidded about it, but I'm no more ashamed of being a nudist than I am of being a Christian.


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          IMO only you can answer this question. You know the people around you better than we do, so you should already have some feeling as to how they will accept it. I told my mother and my mother-in-law cuz they're both pretty cool, and a few friends.


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            Thanks , Nude in the North ,and Jon Marc, for the replys . Iam sort of new to this forum , sure see the two of you frequently


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              Only my houehold family members and, of course, the neighbors, as I do enjoy the freedom of working in the back yard, swimming and relaxing while nude. Can't wait for the sun to come out for good. It's been pretty cold and rainy lately. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gif[/img] (looking at the clouds)


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                Our grown children know and my co-workers. Our children always call ahead before coming over. It's just a courtesy we extend each other whether we were nudist or not, but since we are and they are aware that we are nude all the time when at home, they are very good about giving us a heads up about a visit.

                None of our textile friends know yet. I say yet because we think it's only a matter of time, a short time, before we just tell them and stop telling little lies about where we go. What will be disappointing is if we do loose textile friends over our nudist lifestyle. We are the same people we were when we told them so nothing's changed in regards to who we are. That's always easier said than done.

                In my line of work, it's hard to keep the fact that I am a nudist secret. We have a large gang shower at work. We shower together at times after working out and before getting into uniform. The fact that I have no tan lines and I usually shave, brush my teeth, blow dry my hair in front of the mirror in the nude is a pretty good give away. I've been asked out right and have told them that my wife and I are nudists and explained the philosophy. Some don't want to know anymore, most others are curious and ask lots of questions.

                Can't say for sure if I have converted anyone but I don't give up hope of either converting or at least educating others about nudism and the lifestyle. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif[/img]


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                  In my case, I do not tell anyone that I am a naturist. My wife is so afraid that someone will find out, and she is very opposed to the concept of nudism. I certainly envy those who are open and free about their involvement in our lifestyle, but each of us has different circumstances we live with, and we must decide for ourselves who to tell.

                  I certainly wish it were not true, because when we maintain our privacy, we really are affirming society's position that nudism is perverse. If it were not so, wouldn't everyone who is involved want to let everyone know what a great lifestyle it is?


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                    I can agree with you and the situation you are in with regards to your wife's feelings about being open about your nudity.

                    My wife felt the same way. She didn't want anyone to know, even the kids. What happened was the little white lies we had to continually come up with to cover up the fact that we were nudists and we went to nudist places were more stressful than just telling our kids. It's been a few years now since we told our grown children, they've accepted it, support it and respect us for being honest. I think that is what is now driving my wife to be able to think seriously about telling our close friends and family about our lifestyle.

                    It sounds like you have another obsticle with regards to your wife's feelings about nudity in general and maybe in time your wife will change her mind and feel more comfortable with nudism in the future, maybe not but if she ever does feel better about nudism, after that you can tackle all the other obsticles this lifesytle puts up. Good luck, we wish that for you. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif[/img]


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                      One consideration is to find a positive, gradual way of presenting naturism (eg. movies "A Room With a View", art, acquaintances who are already naturists). Perhaps, the "Naked States" documentary regarding Spencer Tunick's work would be a good start.

                      Others on this list might have similar suggestions for the gentle approach.


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                        Thanks for the advice, you two. It is interesting that my wife doesn't mind being nude around the house a bit, but is just horrified with the idea of being nude anywhere else. I am sure that it comes from her rather strict upbringing about sex. She certainly thinks nudity=sex, and I have tried to change her mind about that.

                        I have shared with her my N magazines which I thought put nudity in a most positive light, but she still can't get over her feelings. Maybe introducing her to nudity with things such as "A Room with a View" (which is really a good movie) or some of Tunick's work might be a good approach.

                        Perhaps the magazine is a bit overwhelming for a person who holds such negative views. She, of course, doesn't want me to tell our grown kids, but they wouldn't be either surprised or offended. So her attitude is the real obstacle, and I will continue to try to work on it. If anyone else has suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

                        I actually have told two or three people who will never talk to my wife, and the reaction has always been postive, and maybe even a little envious. Anyway, I would love to be able to shout it to the whole world that I am a nudist.


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                          I tell who wants to know. I don't hide the fact that we like to be nude alot but I don't blast it thru a PA system either. It's a comfort thing for us only, not a statement. My family lives about 3 hours away, so calling first is a given. I'd say most if not all of my friends closeby are guys and they know already and have even been nude with us and we've even been referranced as THE NUDISTS once. But even if someone does show up at our doorstep, they're guys and they've seen what we've seen anyways.



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                            I really can relate to you , my wife will be naked with me but wont go to any gatherings .
                            I dont know about you but I feel stifled being naked at home is one thing but being outdoors is another.I told avery good friend of oursand she giggled but listenedto tellher about my first time . The other dy she was over andI had just showered and shecame into the room unannounced I didnt runand hidebecause I was comfortable , didnt care if she saw me nude. We vacation together for yearsand will this yr as well . Got to get out in the open.I will keepreading ,Anyway my wife thinks I am sharing myself with other people by being naked infront of themand only she should be allowed. Anyway you are not alone maybe we canlearmand heelp each other [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif[/img]


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                              nunne and car/buff,

                              There are several videos that I purchased when I was trying to explain social nudism to my wife.

                              AANR and TNS both sell these. One of the videos is called From a Woman's Prospective. It is women talking to women about naturism and their fears and concerns. Other videos I have purchased such as The Spirit of Naturism, and Body Positive also helped my wife understand nudism better and helped her with the social aspect when we ventured into it.

                              Since then, we have purchased several other that have to do with nude vacations. Probably pushing it with your wives at this time. The only real help that would be of any significance would be for your wives to speak to other female nudists. My wife's attitude changed dramatically when we finally met other couples and the women shared their fears and concerns with each other.

                              I wish I could help in this department but my wife, although a full fledged nudist, doesn't much like to communicate on the internet (message boards). I tell her that she could help many other women her but she's not ready to start posting or communicating here yet.

                              Good luck to the both of you and your wives. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif[/img]