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    Even though it was a little stormy, Sunday morning Rich, Penny, PJ, and I took a nice nude hike in the hills above Olive Dell Ranch. We talked about organizing a Southern California freehiking group. It’s so nice to spend time hiking and camping and enjoying nature in the outdoors with other naturists.

    We experienced this for a number of years when we helped organize the Utah Freehikers, a fun group of male and female freehikers who gathered to hike and sometimes camp twice a month.

    We would like to start a California Freehikers group. If you have interest, please reply to this thread, or email me at [email protected].

    We will plan a time with those who respond to meet (perhaps at Olive Dell Ranch) to create a monthly schedule. We foresee traveling to many close-by and more distant locations – perhaps even the red-rock country of Utah where we can gather with local freehikers. Naturist campouts would also be fun. I’m sure those who want to join and hike have many good ideas as well, and I’m sure there are other local clubs that might be interested in hosting a hike with us.

    Anyway, we’re just getting started so please email me if you have interest.


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    Re: California Freehikers Group

    The local clubs may require an annual paid membership after 3 visits, so unless members of your group are all willing to join each club, that may present a problem.