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  • Naked in Massachusetts

    Newer member here just back from Calfornia....and looking for nude friends in Bay state...Cheers

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    Newer member here just back from Calfornia....and looking for nude friends in Bay state...Cheers


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      Hello, I am from Springfield and am looking for nude friends also. not many around I dont think.


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        With two nudist parks, a third on the Connecticut side of the Mass/CT border, and lots of activity in New England -


        Last week there was a major event only minutes from Springfield - the Eastern Naturist Gathering -- and several hundred people were there on the weekend.

        Just because you have been unsuccessful meeting us on the Web doesn't mean that we don't exist. Just a few minutes from you - you'll find Solair, which is one of the oldest nudist parks in the country and is singles friendly.

        If you want to get to know nudists, you have to go where they go. Berkshire Vista, the Eastern Gathering, Solair, Sandy Terraces.

        Some go up to The Ledges in Vermont. Some go to Cedar Waters in New Hampshire.

        I get sick of reading this lamentation. I meet other Bay State nudists all the time.

        Then again, I don't go searching for them on the web or hoping that they find me. I go out to the parks and groups and meet a lot of people there.

        Nudists do not scour the net hoping to meet others. They go where nudists go -- to nudist environments -- and that's where the people are.

        So, James, Whizzer , if you want to find other nudists, you will. But you have to go to the places that we go to.

        The Internet is a wonderful place to obtain information on just about anything. But if you want social interaction with people, you have to take it a step further and head out to a club or gathering.


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          There are a number of places on Cape Cod and also Martha's Vinyard for Nudists. Nantucket is more remotely accessed but am not so sure of nudist areas there. But for sure Martha's Vinyard has at least one.

          The eastern shore north of Turo is used for nudism but rangers will grab you if you are nude. Lots of people go nude there just the same.

          There are several non landed groups in Massachusetts. You should be able to find them if you frequent these nudist areas enough.