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18-30 Nudists in the Orlando area...LOOK HERE!

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  • 18-30 Nudists in the Orlando area...LOOK HERE!

    Hi, we're thinking of starting a small group of nudists our age (18-30) in Orlando with whom to hit the beach, have picnics, share pools, or just generally hang out. We're NOT interested in any sort of hook-up or swinger atmosphere; we just want to make some friends who also enjoy being nude. If that sounds cool to you, please e-mail us or get in touch with me on Yahoo messenger at "durberto_84"

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    Hello, My name is Ethan -------- Last name deleted by Moderator "NG" Under Age <18and I am a very active nudist I got to Apollo beach about once a month and go to a nude park near my house all the time and love skinny dipping in my pool. Although I am not quiet in your age group I prefer to hang out with a older group usually around 25-35 because they usably have the most knowledge and experience to share and I love to gain knowledge and know how often when I am over at my friends Anthony house I sometime spend more time talking to his dad about the latest and grandest technology. I am very net and clean and I have 2 cars and my friend, a nudist also can drive me since I only have my permit we would Love to at least come visit you. I myself half been trying to do this for about 2 years up her in about 6 miles south of Daytona. I own my own company and store at 15, I am the CEO and founder of Xtech solutions and [URL=[B]----------------------------------------URL/Hyperlink to commerical web page for profit and commision deleted by Moderator "NG"[/B] not only can I give you great discounts but I know a LARGE amount of people with web site of traffic over 50,000 a day and I can have your ad posted on a number of site. I am very open about being a nudist and I am always nude around my non nudist friend plus I need to get out I have been bed ridding for 3 weeks with a very bad combination of lung problems a stomach virus and a allergenic cold. I have gust gotten over so some of my post may seen quiet ludicrous and poling but I love to share and gain knowledge and hospitals cant stop me so I pushed though and keep posting to spite my very poor grammar.
    But I believe that I would be a great additive to your group. Can you please email me more information about you idea and how it is going I will PM you my Email address
    Check out some of my other posts, by going to my public profile.

    Thank you very much for your time.
    sincerely, Ethan -------- Last name not aurthorized if under 18 years of Age.

    * People under 18 are not allowed to post their full real name, address, phone number or email address.