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    Hello, my name is Ken Palmer. I had posted this topic on Open Conversation a while back and never got a response, so I thought I would try and post it here to see if anyone on this group might have an answer. Does anyone know if a club names Silver Valley Sun Club located in Newberry Springs,C.A. is still open and operating? It was operated by a married couple,John and Nancy Dulle. I understand Nancy passed away some time ago. I am not aware of the whereabouts of John though. Anyway, any information on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    Ken Palmer

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    I would try contacting someone from the AANR-West group - they may know for sure. A couple of listings say "permanently closed". I do not know of the status of SV.

    I can't speak for any club in particular, but if a club or group doesn't list a phone number, or a website, or an e-mail, and to top it all off, breaks all its ties with the two "nationals" in addition to cutting communications, then either

    a) they're gone *or*
    b) if they still exist, they may not readily welcome visitors.