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    Im a SWM, Experienced nudity some years back, had a bad experience.
    I have these interests would like to Connect with some1 who shares same aside Nude Rec:
    007, Iron Man, WW2, defense, guns, travel, cruise trips, Telsa, Retro TV, travel,
    Live in So CA
    My email: [email protected]

    Can connect later at club if member at club or know 1 who is.
    Have been to Glen Eden & Olive Dell.
    My negative exp was Glen Eden.
    Was in my 40s then.
    Hard to attend club alone (drive time etc)

    Dont mind connecting to others my age or under or couple?

    Ive submitted numerous ideas to over the years.

    We can chat by email A-Z & then later F2F.

    Nearest places to meet: Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank.

    If in same area we carpool??

    Not dating, pet parent, live at home, retired.
    Ex veteran.

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    Stephen: It is good to hear from you. I live pretty far away for an in person meeting, but the next time I am in California, perhaps we can arrange something. I am sorry about your negative experience. I have heard about others not having the best of times at Glen Eden, while others find it a wonderful place. Perhaps it depends on the day and who else is there at the time. Welcome back. I look forward to reading what you write.