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do you sleep naked?

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  • do you sleep naked?

    Do you sleep naked and also for you college students or anybody who has a roommate do you sleep naked in front of them. Also how annoying is it to be sleeping naked everyday and then all of sudden have somebody spend the night lol. Discuss.

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    Originally posted by FSUsmartboi View Post
    Do you sleep naked
    Is there any other way to sleep?


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        I live alone,& I undress once I'm back home from work & untill the next morning when I have to get dressed to go to work again.Sometimes I have visitors from my family who sleep over,& u can't imagine how burdensome it is to sleep with ur clothes on after being used to sleeping naked!


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          Already a thread here:


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            Duh!! Since like 12!

            I have had to put on something a few times I but lately I just don't give a damn. I am nude in my home 99% of the time. Had to take a sleep test about a week ago and since it was sort of a semi public area with technicians and nurses etc. I did wear underwear but that was all. Once when I was in the military I had a roommate and I did sleep nude he was like well good thing I didn't bring a woman in last night and I was like ha oh well she might have changed her mind when she saw me. LOL but not a concern for me. Used to be lots of communal nudity in the military. I remember only about 5-6 years ago the large shared bath rooms with gang showers a trough urinal and no dividers between toilets. When you live in rough areas you are just grateful to be able to take a shower and sit on a porcelain toilet.


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              do overnight guests force you to change nude sleeping habit?

              Originally posted by FSUsmartboi View Post
              Also how annoying is it to be sleeping naked everyday and then all of sudden have somebody spend the night.
              when i have overnight company, i still sleep naked, but may or may not put something on when walking around the house--depending on who my guest/s is/are.

              for example, my sister recently visited me from out of state and spent a week. because i sensed she's not comfortable with my nudism i chose not to live naked while she was here. but since she got the couch in the living room and i slept in my bedroom i still slept naked.

              it might be useful to do a poll on c.f.f. to determine what percentage of forum members sleep nude; my guess is that it is probably in excess of 95 percent.


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                I think sleeping nude is probably the 'first step'. I can't believe what a waste pyjamas are, lounging around is really about all they're good for.
                And regarding college, yup I slept nude in 1st year despite having a roommate 6 feet away from me. I don't think he ever knew that I did, but not like it mattered. We were both athletes, and most athletes are used to 'group showers'.


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                  PJ's are never worn in my home by anyone except when it is cold. And for me, it has to be REALLY cold. So, back to the point- Yes, I obviously sleep nude. Cannot sleep otherwise.

                  As for what to do when company comes over... Unless it is my wife's parents, if I am already nude, I stay that way. Anyone that knows me is prepared. If it is strangers or people we don't know very well, the wife MAKES me put clothes on. It's not like I am strongly against it or militant about being nude, I just don't give it a lot of thought. My wife was not raised as a nudist, so she gives it a lot of thought and guides me as to what is appropriate for the situation.

                  Before I was married, I didn't make a lot of friends because they must have thought I was weird. Hey, my house, my rules, right?? That won't get you very far sometimes. If asked to dress by company, I certainly would without fail. If it wasn't mentioned, then I stayed in whatever state I was in when they arrived. I just don't give it a lot of thought.

                  If the kids from down the street come over, they usually try to avoid me. This, despite the fact that their dad walks around their home nude, usually with their windows open and lights on inside at night! Hey, at least I have the courtesy to draw the blinds at night. And, they are closer to the road that we are. However, it is a dead end road in a very rural area, so we might get 1 or 2 cars go by a night. And, it is always a neighbor anyway.

                  As for roommates- Yes, I slept nude when in college. My roommate did not, but wasn't offended or bothered by it either. I never asked, it was never discussed or mentioned. I was just myself, he didn't pay any attention. If someone was coming over, he might mention it, but not always. Nobody that came by ever said a word about it if I was nude at the time. It was a 'normal state' for me. I think if I did talk about it, then it would have made it weird. It is best to just act normal and be in a natural state as if it is the most natural thing in the world (it is). If you don't get weird about it, I bet nobody else will either.

                  Reminds me of that Village People song 'My Roommate'!! Ahh.. the 70's....


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                    I sleep nude all the time, no matter what time of year it is, no matter what the temperature outside is, and regardless of whether I am at home or not. As far as being nude with roommates is concerned, my roommate and I are almost always nude. When we first met, he was not really accustomed to nudism at all, but I feel that I got him into it. He is still what I would consider a closet nudist, or an at-home nudist, as he is not comfortable out in public or around others that he does not know, however, we spend most of our time around the house nude. With our conflicting schedules, we don't see a whole lot of each other, but when we are both here together, we usually hang out nude watching movies or doing homework, that sort of thing.

                    I first approached him about this when we first met, and I told him in the most appropriate way possible, that I was a nudist, and that I would be spending most of my time naked. I didn't really think that would bother him, but he became accustomed to my hanging around nude much quicker than I expected him to, within a day or two he was just okay with it. He began hanging out nude around the house for short periods of time, after he got out of the shower, or when he first woke up in the morning, but not extended periods, not doing homework or studying nude, or eating meals, like I did, and still do.


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                      comfort levels being nude with others

                      Originally posted by Jack4611 View Post
                      my roommate and I are almost always nude. When we first met, he was not really accustomed to nudism at all, but I feel that I got him into it. He is still what I would consider a closet nudist, or an at-home nudist, as he is not comfortable out in public or around others that he does not know, however, we spend most of our time around the house nude.
                      establishing a trust level with another person seems to be key in their decision to be naked around me. maybe that was what happened with your roommate.

                      case in point: 23-year-old dude i met in the locker room at the y. we first introduced ourselves when i asked him about a religious tattoo he has. so we got to know each other slightly, chatting on a few occasions, but one time we were in the steam room together. this particular time he was nude (i am always nude in sauna/steam room). anyway we had a good, lengthy talk, and when it was time to hit the showers and leave the y, we were the only ones in the locker room. after his shower he stayed naked a while longer while i dried off & we continued to talk.

                      but the next time i saw him at the y it was in the sauna & he wore shorts. i left to shower, he followed soon after. there were about 5 guys in the shower room; he came in still wearing his shorts, quickly looked around, then decided not to shower at all.

                      so i think for him he doesn't like being naked around another guy unless there's some trust built first. either that or he's claustrophic. lol


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                        I always sleep naked. Most comfortable way to sleep for me. Never had to deal with the room mate issue so I don't really have much to add in that department but my opinion is if its their problem, then they don't have to look!


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                          sleep naked all the time

                          My wife and I sleep naked at my house no matter who is here. If they sneak into our room at night and see us naked, oh well. We also sleep naked when on vacation, but that is usually at hotels only with our family. I get naked right before going into bed, even if we are sleeping with other friends or family in the room. If they notice, they have not said anything. Most people that know me know i am a naturist anyways....


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                            As young children in England in the late sixties and early seventies, my sister and I were introduced to sleeping nude at a very early age. Our parents, possibly somewhat unconventionally for that era, habitually slept in the nude themselves (and still do, even though they are both well into their sixties), believing on health grounds that the less one wore in bed the better, and they were keen that my sister and I should experience the benefits of sleeping without nightclothes as soon as possible. Once we were reliably dry at night, we were put to bed in our birthday suits, and we grew up to accept this as the normal way of sleeping. Mum always said that it was much healthier to take everything off at night, especially underwear that you've been wearing all day, and that once you've had a shower or bath at bedtime, there isn't much point in putting clothes back on again.

                            To the best of my knowledge, we never owned "proper" nighties or PJs. On those occasions when it was necessary to dress for bed, i.e. school trips and the like, we reluctantly wore brief panties, but rarely anything more, but when visiting family and close friends, birthday suits prevailed. I still remember Granny thinking that it was not only odd, but somewhat improper, for young girls to sleep in the nude, especially when my sister and I first went to stay overnight without any nightclothes, but once she got used to the idea, she thought it 'rather cute' that kids should sleep as naked as the day they were born. In the end, she turned nocturnal nudist too!

                            My husband had a similar upbringing; although he generally had PJs available while he was little, there was never much compulsion to wear them, or anything else in bed, and he and his sister were both regularly sleeping naked by the time they entered their teens.

                            When we started our family, we made the decision that we would continue to sleep nude, that our children would be made aware of this, that we would encourage, but not compel, them to follow our example on hygiene and comfort grounds, and that we would provide nightwear should they feel the need for it. In the event, all three of our offspring, two girls and one boy, now all grown up, needed no encouragement to follow the nudist option; what child could resist the opportunity to be legitimately naked for more than 8 of the 24 hours! From the time when they were old enough to choose what to wear to bed, none of them has ever shown any interest in sleeping in anything other than their birthday suit and the occasional piece of jewellery, and our house, like many others, is effectively a nightwear-free zone.


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                              Originally posted by Oregonav8r View Post
                              I always sleep naked. Most comfortable way to sleep for me.
                              100% agree. i even can't imagine why would anyone put smth on while sleeping unless it is cold