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how should i start being a nudist

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  • how should i start being a nudist

    im 14. what should i do as my first adventure as a nudist?

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    im 14. what should i do as my first adventure as a nudist?


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      Hi Rovert,


      I think a good start is sleeping naked, or spending time naked around the house when you get the chance.

      No reason to rush into it....there's nothing to prove. You came to the right can do a lot of research on here, ask questions, get answers, share opinions, etc. It's good to know what nudism is about and understand the philosophy behind it.

      Best wishes,



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        Your question makes me think, and want to ask you, What draws you into nudism?

        As I did when I was 11, I use to sneak out at night and take my pajamas off and just walk around the back yard naked.

        But Doctor surfer dude is right, No need to rush into it.


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          don't make the first adventure too big. i think just being nude in your room or home is a good start. after you get comfortable and quick on the draw to get covered if someone approaches then go for the outdoor nudist experience. enjoy.


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            Start slow and work your way up. Like others said, do not go to a nude beach or anything like that for your first time. A nice family resort of some sort would be a good place.
            Good luck and welcome!


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              Doctorsuferdude, I think that you should be a therapist or a consultant for naturism.
              You always seem to give good advice and I'm sure you have helped many people.


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                As with any thing in life, there is always more than one way to approach issues that come up. Some people barrel right into things and go with what ever comes, another way is to test the waters, get a feel for what ever you’re trying out and make a decision based on your trial run. For nudism, I personally took it slow. I went from sleeping nude to, in the house when no one else was around to eventually social nudism. Do what your inner self tells you to do, main thing is to be comfortable with what you are doing. I think DR. SuferDude offers get advice, ask questions, be your self and have fun.


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                  When I was your age everytime I was home alone I took off all my clothes and stood naked.
                  When I was going to bed I passed lot of time in my room in the nude and sometimes I slept in the nude.
                  Later, I finally tried social nudism.


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                    Definitely do more reading on naturism and nudism, either online or by ordering a book or magazine. I think many first timers are attracted to "being nude" for one reason, and find themselves visiting one or two sites out of curiosity. This initial exposure possibly lacks the depth and breath to convince someone this is a real "lifestyle" and that people aren't just doing it to be happy. For fun. It is, in my opinion, a little more complex and rewarding then that if approached seriously.

                    Someone whose been in the lifestyle for awhile may even be willing to contribute a copy of a nudist magazine to you, if you cannot afford to order one. A nudist magazine could always be added to the bottom of a box with another more mainstream book, and mailed to you with "" as the return address. I don't think this should be necessary, but we should all be able to appreciate how difficult it may be to discuss this topic with parents initially. At least it would have been with mine, back then, and I wish I had a knowledgable friend who could have shared info. with me.


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                      You do not give us much information about your situation. Do your parents know you enjoy being nude? How do you think they would react to your being nude some around the home? Do you have friends that may join in with you?