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    I'm 16 and am the only nudist i know in and out of my family. I know my parent's opinion of nudisim,they disaprove of it [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img] and don't know i'm a nudist. Lately I've wanted to tell friends that i'm a nudist, but don't know if i should or how to tell them with out them thinking of me differently. I also would like to talk them into trying it. Any suggestions would be grately appreciated.

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    I'm 16 and am the only nudist i know in and out of my family. I know my parent's opinion of nudisim,they disaprove of it [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img] and don't know i'm a nudist. Lately I've wanted to tell friends that i'm a nudist, but don't know if i should or how to tell them with out them thinking of me differently. I also would like to talk them into trying it. Any suggestions would be grately appreciated.


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      It's a tough thing. I'm 25, and my wife and I have been nudists for about two years now. Before we became nudists, we did a lot of research on the topic. We even began an e-mail discussion about it with some of our friends. We were basically of the belief that nudism was fine, but we hadn't tried it. Our friends were mostly against it, for all the usual reasons, but none of them had tried it either. Finally, we took the plunge and went to a nudist swim. Our experience confirmed what we had expected. It also ended the discussion - for some reason, nobody wanted to talk about it after that. But we didn't lose any friends over it. It still comes up from time to time, and we've made it clear they're all welcome to come try it out. But no luck so far.

      So what advice could I offer you? Nothing useful. You might want to present it as a hypothetical situation, to test the waters. But that could be tricky, and there's never any guarantee that anyone will end up joining you.

      For us, this has been the hardest part of being nudists - that our friends weren't willing to join us at camp and share this wonderful experience with us.

      Good luck.

      - Tim -


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        I agree with Linguist, it is difficult to win people over because their minds are just closed to it. I've come to believe that on an intellectual level the arguments for nudism infinitely outweigh the arguments against but the bottom line is that no-one will ever understand nudism until they try it for themselves but because they don't think they'd like it they never bother to try.

        I can relate to this in some way. There's millions of people who seem to be passionate about American line dancing but to me it looks just plain stupid. On an intellectual level I realise there must all sorts of benefits in taking it up but frankly I just don't want to and feel my life is completely fulfilled without it. Perhaps if I just tried it I might get hooked on it and wonder how I managed without it.

        Having said that I think you should be as open as you can about nudism just as American line dancers are open about their interest because you owe it to yourself to be honest. If people think you're a bit weird then unfortunately that's just part of the deal but ultimately they will respect your integrity. If they don't then their not worthy of your friendship.

        You only get one shot at this life so don't let it be ruled by what others think.



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          Maybe the label "Nudist" is getting in the way of what you trying to say.

          Everyone in the temperate zone wears clothes at least some of the time. And everyone is nude at times in their life.

          I would even say that most people have been nude in front others of the same sex and it was not a sexual situation. Changing clothes, showering at school or a public gymnasium, maybe skinnydipping at a local river.

          In some families people who are not nudist will still be occasionally nude while passing between the bath and the bedroom, situations like that.
          And a lot of us ran around nude at home when we were kids. When I was a young child, I took a bath with my female cousins when they visited us, and I have a friend who took a shower with his daughter from time to time until she was about 7. (there was nothing kinky there, total respect between those two). That family is not nudist.

          Before I was a "nudist" I went skinnydipping with a girl from one of my college classes. We were just having fun and we were not at all sexual, then or ever.

          If you go skinnydipping at a secluded river once in a while with guys and gals from school does that make you a nudist? Maybe, maybe not. If you go to an official nude beach every weekend, does that make you a nudist? Same answer: maybe.

          I suppose if you and your entire family are nude the minute you get home from school and don't dress until you leave for school the next morning, there's a pretty good chance you folks are nudist!

          I am trying to say that there's a lot of gray between the two extremes. Where are your parents on this scale?


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            My parents get dressed in the bathroom etc. I'd have to say i've never seen either parent naked for any reason. They're very conservative and modest. And i don't think they've ever remotley considered the idea.


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              WOW, i guess i am wierd in that i still shower with my son, and he's almost 10. it gives us time to talk since we are both so busy out of the shower. all of the kids like it still, but maybe they will change their minds later.

              good luck with the friends, it sounds like the parents will not take to your idea about nudism. rather than make a big deal out of nudism with the friends, why not set up a swim date somewhere private with the open minded friends you have and jump in the water and get naked on a dare sort of thing while you are in the water. that will gauge their reaction....


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                Lindquest, Trailscout, Rik and David: I commend you on very sage advice to the young man. Always be true to yourself and everyone else will come around to your way of thinking or not, and either way, is okay. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]


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                  Well thanks i'll see what happens and i'll tell you peoples if i ever do decide to tell and how it works out.


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                    Trailscout makes a good point that many people enjoy the odd skinnydip, even with friends, but not only don't consider themselves 'nudists' but think there's something wrong with, or odd about, nudism.

                    It's like cross-dressing. There are plenty of guys in sports teams and the like who would dress in women's clothing for a laugh, even quite regularly, but would be shocked if you suggested they were displaying transvestitism.

                    Particularly at your age, there are a lot of taboos, and people your age are often worried about being seen as being a little different to others - or even hanging out with people who are different to others.
                    Don't raise it with your friends as a matter of "being a nudist" or "practising nudism". They may shrink from this label. Instead, as others have said above, let things happen in terms that they may be more comfortable with, like "going for a skinnydip". And, at least until you know how they're reacting to the whole concept, don't talk about the broader nudist movement, just keep your activities as something private to yourself and any friends who want to join in. If you don't push people's comfort levels too hard, and they are true friends, you should have little in the way of problems.


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                      Thanks again every body. I decided it might not be the best idea to tell anyone right now. And i don't really have a place where i can go skinny dipping [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img] . But perraps if they bring the subject of nudisim up i might comment. Did any body here ever tell thier friends? If so how did it work out?


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                        i actually told a friend last night, and she was totally cool with it. i was thinking she was gonna think i'm weird or something, but she didn't at all. she even said it's something she would try!

                        nothing ventured, nothing gained....


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                          I'm new to nudism and am spending this weekend at a singles friendly resort. I mentioned it to a co-worker and he thought it was great. Said he would go if he could convince his wife. I also mentioned it to a sibling and I got a postive response. I'm looking forward to this weekend as a "newbie" and frankly have no problem mentioning it to others. I feel people are more open minded these days, but I could be wrong!


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                            To Closetnude: If you are practicing nudism without your parents knowing about it, DON'T GET CAUGHT. I think that is a good reason for you not to tell your friends that you are a nudist because word might get back to your parents. When you get old enough to get out on your own and make your own decisions you can decide whether to tell your friends. You will have plenty of time.


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                              As usual I'm late, I don't check on the Young Naturist board much, as I am not. (young that is)

                              My wife and I have found it seems to achieve better results if you ask inlue of telling. EXAMPLE Do you, ya'll, know anyone that are nudist/naturist? Most often the responce will give you all the information you need to decide if you can take the subject further. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif[/img] Happy Trails Bob