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  • Hey all!

    I'm Dan and I'm a 14 year old nudist I expressed the ideas to my folks but there not happy with it. But I'm usually nude when there not home and I can't remember the last time I didn't sleep nude. So what's up?

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    I'm Dan and I'm a 14 year old nudist I expressed the ideas to my folks but there not happy with it. But I'm usually nude when there not home and I can't remember the last time I didn't sleep nude. So what's up?


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      Dan, it's a pleasure to meet you. I also happen to be a teen with limited "nude time," and I can totally relate to your situation. I have been sleeping nude on and off since age twelve, and just went full-time earlier this year. Please feel free to leave me a message.

      Stu (the teen nudist from the Chicago suburbs, not that other guy)


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        Yea. i just don't get why people are so quick to judge things. But in the summer time I'll hopefully be able to go naked more.


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          Hey Dan. Good to meet you. And I recall my being in a similar situation as you save for the fact that you actually talked to your parents. I never had the guts to nor did I even think that it would make a difference nor would I have wanted to be naked around them anyway.

          And you are doing all you can to have your naked time. The only other possibility would be, if you have a backyard with privacy, to go out there and chill in the nude.

          Have fun when you can.

          Bob S.


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            i used to babysit my neighbors son (he was about 10 at the time), and they had a private back yard. i would go out there at night after he went to sleep and walk around naked a couple minutes to enjoy the breeze. i wanted to go skinny dipping in their pool, but would not do that while he slept inside. so once they all went out of town and i watched there pets while they were gone. needless to say, i finally got to skinny dip during the day with the sun out and no one to bug me. that was a great experience. unfortunately, the pool turned greenish the next day and i was instructed to add the chemicals the day before they were set to arrive, so i was limited to only one swim but several walks around the pool in their private back yard. i was about 15 at the time.

            another time, i was sleeping over at a friends house and he wanted to go swimming with his neighbor (a girl) and they suggested skinny dipping at night. since i only swim in warm water, i said no way (the water was cold). but i suggested they could (since they used to skinny dip all the time), but they chickened out with me there. if i had to do it again, i would have gone skinny dipping and just got out when i felt too cold.

            the lesson is - take life's chances when they are there. don't force things, let tem come naturally. ahhhh, to live and learn....


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              I am 16 and in a similar position. I wish I had a chance like Florida David with the opposite sex involved, but unfortunately I have never had that chance. I am still in the closet right now, and myabe I'll just stay in the closet since I'm so close to 18. But you're only 14 and have already come out of the closet. I congratulate you.


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                Hey yall, nudecase here. I'm only fifteen and I was caught nude yesterday by my parents. I was sunbathing which I do anytime I can because under my body hair I'm white white white! so I was sunbathing and my mom drives by and sees me. the terror! They didn't know I was a nudist and I didn't plan on telling them until I moved out. so it was a real shock. Then it got worse, when my dad was on the internet, he checked the history and saw this site on the file! so he went there and saw that I was logged in, he started cursing in swedish(thats when hes really mad)and banging on things. My mom gave him his sword and told him to cool off. he went outside and hacked things up for awhile and came in. it was time for scouts and he said we would talk later.My family is from sweden and later that night he started yelling at me in our native tongue, I said sorry(in swedish) and ran out the door. I haven't talked to him since. I feel lucky that I'm american or he would have beat me!


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                  I don't know what being American has to do with being beaten by one's dad. I was born here and was beaten regularly by my dad.

                  You've answered my question as to what your parents think about nudism. It's too bad they reacted so violently against it. Hang in there--once you're through high school you can be nude a lot more and won't need their approval. In the meantime be careful not to antagonize them too much. I hope they don't stop you from being a part of this forum.

                  Your dad has an interesting way of dealing with his anger, but at least he didn't use the sword on you! I tend to throw things and slam doors. Perhaps that's not very "macho", but I don't take my anger out on people.


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                    I didn't tell them I wanted to be a nudist, but I did bring up a news story about them (from this site I might add) and they responded with something like "Those perverts". So theres not much I can do. I usually take a dip in my nieghbor's swimming pool in the summer but always wear a suit cause it's not mine and the back yard is not private, niether is my backyard. That hasn't stopped me from taking a naked walk or two around midnight though.


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                      Hi NudeCase,

                      I always thought that Sweden was tolerant of nudism. Why would your parents be so upset with nudism, unless they had a "bad experience" with it at some point in their lives?

                      At any rate, it's too bad they reacted the way they did. I wish you the best of luck in explaining to them that nudism is actually a very wholesome healthy lifestyle. And, since they now know your nude (or, atleast have been) the "ice" has already been broken. Now is just a matter of finding a time to talk about it when they have calmed down.

                      Again, good luck! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]



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                        nudecase - maybe now that your parents have seen this site, they would be open to reading what we post here and realize that we are not perverts, actually the opposite. we are just a bunch of people who like to do things as comfortable as we can -nude. now if they have discovered that you had visited pornographic websites as well as this one, than they might be sceptical of what your true intentions are.

                        it sounds like they only want the best for you and maybe you can talk to your mom or dad after they have cooled down and then enlighten them about nudism. good luck and i hope this site only works to your benefit.

                        as for the other youngsters, i think it is great to walk at night naked, but be careful of strangers or unsafe areas. especially if you are really young, always think safety first, nudism second....


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                          Well my backyard is a pretty safe area, no animals, just flat land with grass. And at midnight no one can see me. Anywho, I'm naked right now cause both my parents are out and won't be home for a while. Woo-hoo!


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                            I agree that your backyard is about the safest place to wander around naked at night. if someone is in your yard at that time, they most likely should not be there. i usually go out in the yard late at night and do my exercises and stretching and i take the dog to alert me if someone is there. so far we have only been bothered by the frogs and an occasional cat.

                            i was thinking more for teenagers who like to walk long distances naked and end up in parks or on someone elses property. in these instances you don't really know who you might bump into and than it would not be safe.

                            question for number one nudist - as for most nudists, it does not matter wether the fellow nudists are male or female. you had said that you would like to be in a similar situation for skinny dipping, i am wondering what would the difference be if the other person was male or female? i think since nudity is totally non-sexual, i would think that the fellow nudist could be male or female as long as they are a good friend. maybe you are afraid that if caught people would think you were gay if skinny dipping with the same sex? i would love to hear your thoughts on this (either here or in a private mail)


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                              I've often been tempted to go out into my back yard nude late at night, but the 300 watt bulb burning out there that I can't turn off always causes me to chicken out. The neighbors on one side are in and out at all hours of the day and night. There are a lot of cars constantly on the move there, and they park behind their house. They have a very clear view into my back yard which is brightly lit at night. Also, their car lights shine into my yard. The bulb went out once, and my neighbor wanted one in there so bad that he bought one and put it in. My fear of heights prevented me from getting up there. Plus, I didn't want a bulb in there since it doesn't help my electric bill.