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  • Nude social in NJ

    There will be a nude social in NJ in Nov. Reply or e-mail if you need more info.Chris

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    There will be a nude social in NJ in Nov. Reply or e-mail if you need more info.Chris


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      Originally posted by gr026:
      [qb] There will be a nude social in NJ in Nov. Reply or e-mail if you need more info.Chris [/qb]
      I would like some more info on this gathering


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        hey. im 18 and a nudist.. i also live in NJ.. i would love to go to this social.. thanks .


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          Chris, Let us know more info about this social. Thanks


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            The pool social is Nov 1 at the spa 2 in Parmaus.
            It is open to all, you do though need to be a AANR member or a Tri State Member
            You can get a 2-month trial membership for about $8 if you are unsure if you want to sign up for a full year.
            For an application goto:
            and scroll toward the bottom
            They have volleyball, swimming, basketball, sauna/st room, and light refreshments
            Let me know if you need more info


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              Hey Guys! These swim and gym socials are the greatest. I miss not being able to go since I moved to Georgia. I used to drive 2 hours from south Jersey to these gatherings.


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                I also vouch for those socials. Went to a few when I lived in NJ. The ones during cold weather periods were really nice, as a way to enjoy being nude and with others to know that you're not a nut for doing it. A couple groups in Va have similar functions, but they're mostly all done in N.Va an hour or two away from me.

                Are Mike & Janet still into these (forgotten their last name)?



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                  Mike and Janet still run the socials
                  They are a great couple!


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                    I will be there



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                      I'm hoping to be there. Since this will be my first social nudist event, can you give me some idea of what to expect? I've read everything (and then some) about 'first timers,' but I'm wondering if you can give me details about this gathering specifically. For example, about how many people usually come? Will there be others there that are my age (I'm 28)? Is it mostly singles, couples, or families? I'm very excited about this adventure but a bit nervous, too. Since I'll be coming alone (no nudist friends, yet) I'd like some comfort in knowing what to expect. Thanks in advance!


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                        I was at the socials last year - and there were younger folks there - don't worry about what u look like
                        Just go to soicalize and meet new friends



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                          I've never been to a nudist place before, so maybe I shouldn't talk. However, I can speak from my own experience and say that I don't particularly care what you look like nude. That seems to be what nudism is all about. I'll be at the swim and I don't have a perfect body, either. The moral of the story: come on out. (And I'm not saying this just because I'm DESPERATE to have other young single people there... LOL!)


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                            I invited one of the guys I worked with to come along. He wanted to try social nudism too.

                            We forgot to bring towels. Somehow we thought that the health club would provide them. Wrong!

                            But fortunately there was a Marshall's department store right across from the health club and they had a massive linen sale.

                            I showed my AANR card and got a discount. My buddy paid regular price, but he still said it was well worth it.

                            You could only see the entrance of the health club from the sidewalk of the shopping center. Elsewhere was totally private.

                            They had locker rooms for men and women, but the married couples changed together, usually in the men's locker room. It was winter and it felt great to take off 20 pounds of clothes.

                            As I walked down the hall, I could see racketball courts and a weight room.
                            Upstairs was a kitchen and a lounge room with a big television set.

                            Part of the pool was roped off for volleyball, and there was one lap lane. The rest of the pool was free for splashing around.
                            I spent quite a bit of time playing volleyball. We were just playing for fun, so our volleyball was soft, kind of like a beach ball.
                            Behind the pool was a steam room. I love steam, but something wasn't quite right because the ceiling dripped hot water on me now and then. Ouch! I moved away from beneath the forming droplets and enjoyed the rest of my steam. Just beyond the steam room is a small hot tub. There were people of all ages, including a few young adults.

                            Soon we got a call from the upstairs kitchen and had a couple of slices of pizza and some sodas. This was not a dinner. They ask that you eat before you come, but after a couple hours of exercise we were ready for a snack. A football game was on, so about 20 people were in the room cheering for New York. All except for a cute little girl about 4 or 5 years old who was entertaining herself at her daddy's feet. But I wasn't going to watch football all night. I had come for exercise and socializing.

                            A little later, I went to the large sauna behind the men's locker room. This also was a pleasant place for conversation. I was new to the area and started a conversation about Sandy Hook, the nearest nude beach, hoping to learn more about it. The sauna mostly had guys, but there was a lady brave enough to share the room with us. It's always nice to have the fairer sex around.

                            After the heat of the sauna, I took a shower. I turned right to adjust the water. Someone said hello to me and I looked to my left to see an attractive young lady begin showering a few feet away. She was full of pleasant conversation and I felt really at ease talking with her like this.

                            I towelled off, put on my 20 pounds of heavy winter clothes and went back toward the front entrance. I was exhausted from a long day and stumbled into the women's locker room, but no one scolded me. They were understanding and I apologetically mumbled something about "wrong turn" and found my way around the corner to the front desk. I stopped to thank our hosts and waited for my co-worker to finish dressing. Then we went back into the raw cold of a north Jersey January night.
                            As we rode back, my buddy said that he would try to find a nudist resort near his home town.
                            He's single I hope he found a place that was as welcoming as TriState Sun Club.