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    I've mostly been hiding it from my parents... well, compleatly. I'm a .. [Edited by Moderator "NG"] year old male and live in North Texas.

    Haven't had problems untill recently, but it has gotten a little weird. A few nights ago, my mom tried to enter my room. Fortunately I had something blocking the door and I ran to hold it shut even more, or atleast keep it from opening more. I grabed my clothes and quickly put them on. Nothing was said that night, but the next day I was questioned: Who were you talking to? Were you looking at porn? (I near laughed at that one) etc... Then tonight my dad walked in and saw me... He was pretty cool about it... Just kindda like... "um..." and then pretty much figgured it out and asked me if I was becoming a nudist... then asked if anyone on the internet had put me up to it, to which I responded that I had found it myself. He also mentioned that nudists usualy sit on a towel, but hey, its my room so I don't really care. He also said that he would try not to tell my mom, but I'm sure that means that he probably will, but tell her not to say she knows etc.

    The strange thing is, I'm not really all that worried...If they know, they know... They will just have to get used to it... However, I still would never have gone up to them and said anything about it, although its probably better to, to avoid awkward moments, or moments of fear... lol...

    To be honest, it is probably better to tell your parents than for them to find out directly (indirectly is fine, as is mentioned in some parts of this story, like those about the dry swimming suits and such).

    My mom knowing doesn't really bother me too much as a few times ( a while ago) I had walked into my parent's room to find her brushing her teeth naked in the bedroom and not the bathroom that is adjacent to it.... or the other time I found her checking E-mail on her laptop in the walk-in closet (she uses that as her study place) that is after the bathroom in the nude... she may just think of it as just convenient or more efficient, but who knows, she may be closeted like I am/was (?)... But I don't know... We shall see.

    PS: What is the exact reason for sitting on a towel anyway? Prevent spread of STDs or just because thats the area that bodily wastes come from or what? Also, does my dad knowing about the towel thing mean anything?

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    What is the exact reason for sitting on a towel anyway?
    To protect your bare skin from unsanitary surfaces.

    And to protect the surfaces from the possibility of unsanitary bare skin.



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      It isn't really the best situation...but we'll see.

      And OK, that makes sense... It had to be something like that... My chair/rear will live... It is my chair! It's just good to know the actual reason, though!


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        So far no problems...


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          my parents dont know about me the times that i get too be naked by myself is the couple of hours that neither of them r here and at night when im asleep but even when im asleepp im worried. u see we live in a very old house like 50 years old and me and my moms room connect threw a door that locks at her end so i can lock the door that enters the hallway but not the one connecting the rooms


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            My parents don't know yet either. I'm pretty much only nude in my room though.


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              I have told my step-mom mostly and have hinted to my mom about it. My step-mom is okay with it and is intrigued about it but said that she doesn't have the guts to try it. My mom made a comment about not passing judgment or something but we haven't talked about it. I seem really nervous talking to my mom about it and seem to only be able to spit out the words when I send an email. I would love to experience nudism with them because they are family and I trust them and they trust me. But I don't think nudism will ever happen in those houses.

              Well...thats my story,


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                RE:""PS: What is the exact reason for sitting on a towel anyway? Prevent spread of STDs or just because thats the area that bodily wastes come from or what? Also, does my dad knowing about the towel thing mean anything?""

                The deepest reason is just some specific misconcepts vivid in many regions. Just the customs and nothing else.

                1)Some people are arguing the bare bottom may spread the anything from worms to excrements constantly falling out. Kinda cant bellieve on such holy sh*t Anyone is washing beforehand. I think about such just a category of an urban legend

                2)Some people are afraid for sweat, what if that people before was infected with AIDS or just the some other genital ot STD. Misconcept again. In the sunshine, even AIDS is dead after 15 SECONDS of exposer, even black bubonic plaque after 2 minutes. In the shade its another question, but sun and bathhouse warm interior warranties the instant kill off all the germs.

                3)the sweet paths over the textile furniture. Yepsk, it may be the real reason, yet I think then it is owner fault to order un-suited furniture for his establishment later MASKING his un-competence with that thingy the towel demanding. Why not better to order the leather or (far worser) artifical leather ar JUST THE WOODEN furniture. Why not instead of lamenting on the mushrooms growing on the bassin walls to not to CLEAN them once a day with a soup?

                But, as You seen, the reasons may be a bunch, and easiest solution is to use a towel. That is very unpolite to dictate an own rules at other`s home, just use it where its demanded and do as Your own will at your own ownership.