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Any York, PA nudists?

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  • Any York, PA nudists?

    I'm new to York, because i just started going to york college, and i was wondering if there were any nudists in the area or that go to the college. I'm up for hanging out, or whatever really. Reply or message me if you live in the area.

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    I know it's a couple hours away, but I'm in school down in Washington, DC, and it'd be nice to hang out with another young naturist in the area some Saturday (or even a Friday, since I don't have class that day either). Could be fun.


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      that would be cool, although the only problem is transportation. i dont have a car or any real way down to D.C., so you would probably have to head up here if you can.


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        I have a car and can drive, that's no problem for me. After I get a couple of more posts up and can start sending PMs, we might be able to make some arrangements?


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          yeah definitely, or you can leave your email or yahoo id on here so we can talk.


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            I'm not sure it's a good idea to leave my e-mail address on public display (I trust most people here are good-intentioned, but it seems like it would be a spammer's dream and my nightmare). I think with this post, though, I'll have enough that I can start sending private messages. I can give you my contact info that way.