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  • shaving!

    I've always wanted to try shaving around my penis. But will it grow back? And How long wil it take?

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    I've always wanted to try shaving around my penis. But will it grow back? And How long wil it take?


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      Always grows back dont worry about that. How long will it take really depends on the person I guess.

      I shaved for the first time maybe two years ago and I couldnt stand it because it was itchy while it was growing back. Month ago I figured I would try again and see if I like it more than I did back then. It was itchy again but now the more I shave the less it tell the truth it doesnt bother me anymore.

      Also be ready for the ichy part at first but it will stop the more you shave.

      Good luck


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        I’ve been shaving on and off for about two years now.
        After a while the itchiness goes away. I love the “free” feeling after shaving, almost makes me feel nuder!


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          Don't press real hard when shaving because
          it forces the skin down and cuts the hairs
          off slightly below the surface. That can
          lead to tiny red bumps and the itchiness
          everybody describes. Instead use a light
          touch and don't try to get 100% bare skin.
          Leave a little stubble behind and it won't
          be as itchy.

          If you have access to an electric razor,
          using the beard trimmer with a light
          touch can give a good "first time" trial
          trim. Again, don't press closely to the
          skin because the trimmer blades can "bite"

          When shaving observe the "direction of
          growth" of the hairs (on face or anywhere)
          and move your razor WITH (or IN) that
          direction. Shaving against 'the grain'
          can cause the hairs to be trimmed to
          closely and lead to more itchiness and
          discomfort. Example:

          If hair is leaning like "/" then shave ->
          If hair is leaning like "\" that, then <-

          Never shave in a direction that "catches"
          or "pulls" the hairs. If razor requires
          more than one pass when shaving the blade
          is PROBABLY dull and you should use a
          new one!

          Non-alcohol shaving lotion IS recommended.

          If you really like the way completely bare
          looks, plucking the hairs out one by one
          leaves NO itchiness. You may still get
          red bumps for a day or two, or three, this
          is mostly caused by the sweat in your
          perspiration not anything the razor did.
          (i.e. no permanent damage)


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            Just take it slow the first time and youll be fine


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              I've been shaving for about a year now and once you get the hang of it, its simple. Just use an ordinary razor and whatever lubricant your using i.e soap, shaving gel etc.
              As mentioned earlier, shave in the direction of the hairs and don't press too hard. you'll find yourself a smoothie in no time at all and if you ask me its the way you want to stay.
              Being smooth is brilliant, no more irritating hair and it does make your penis seem that little bit larger. LOL




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                I have been shaving on and off for a while. the first time i did it i got some small irritation but if you stick with it it will become more comfortable. it feels nice when you are shaven the same as when you shave your face.


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                  I figure that your pubic hair will grow back as fast as your beard on face grows. Some of us have slow-growing hair (like me) and other have to shave their face twice a day.

                  I first shaved shaft and scrotum about 3 months ago - love the feeling of it and will continue to be a smoothie so I really dont know how long it would take for mine to grow back.

                  There was some itch for a day or two but that quickly passed and I never had problems with ingrown hair or bumps but then again my hair is quite fine.

                  I shave everyday when I am at a nude resort and 2 or 3 times a week when I am not using a 3 blade Gillette razor.


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                    Do you know if they do lazer hair removal for the penis? I love being shaved, but hate having to shave every single day!


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                      Wouldn't let my willie anywhere near a lazer or wax - real coward!


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                        I have been shaving a couple months and I shave about 1 times a week. I only shave my face 2 times a week. I agree, laser or wax...ouch! I am too much a wimp.


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                          i have been smooth for three years also! i only use shave cream on the area above the penis. when applied else where i found the razor tended to slip. i use mach three in the shower. works fine for me.


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                            Laser hair removal only works for dark colored hair. For grey, or blonde hair laser treatment is not effective.


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                              Real glad to hear that Gary. Being blonde I wont even be tempted even if I got up the courage.