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Is your local resort youth friendly?

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  • Is your local resort youth friendly?

    Is the Resort your visit receptive to young adults and youths?

    Have you made any suggestions to your local resort to help bring in more guests under 30 ?

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    Most resorts welcome youths and certainly young adults. Some resorts (Solair in Ct. for example) offer discounts for under forty and deep discounts for students

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      the local nudist lodge i visit has no problem with young nudist nor single males. i have seen many young adults as well as children with their parents including teens. it's important that we have a generation behind us to keep this relaxing and enjoyable lifestyle going!


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        White Tail in Virginia has a student discount rate for 25 and under, and pretty low rates for any singles who want to come for a visit. The regulars made me feel right at home when I was there. I recommend it if you live in the area.


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          We've been to Shangri-la, AZ. A HUGE majority of the club were people 55-75years old. There were some very nice and social people and we had a good time, but we got a very strong feeling that we weren't welcome from some of the patrons. We've been there several times, cause my wife and I are "Who gives a crap" type people, and it's usually the same story


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            shangra la

            I am suprised by your comments regarding your visits to Shangra-la resort. While I agree that many of the folks are "55 to 75" ( is this a crime?) I have always found everyone there (from the office staff down to the visitors/club members) to be very friendly and simply there to enjoy being naked in our beautiful desert setting.


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              I have yet to visit such a place.

              a bit worried about my age and who i might bump into


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                We are not members but Fraternity Snoqualmie in North Bend/Issaquah Washington is very family friendly. I did a bare buns run there and it was delightful to see the kids running around free and a couple expectant moms looked radiant!


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                  We are a younger married couple and had a great time at Mira Vista (just outside of Tucson). We were by far the youngest there by at least 10 years but everyone was very friendly and open. We are going back in the next couple months.

                  Jason and Nikki