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  • seeking other young nudist

    hi everyone,
    I am from wyoming and there arent very many nudist in wyoming so i was wondering if any of you are from wyoming or states around it because i would like to talk to you and my be get to gether sometime in a non-sexual way.

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    hi everyone,
    I am from wyoming and there arent very many nudist in wyoming so i was wondering if any of you are from wyoming or states around it because i would like to talk to you and my be get to gether sometime in a non-sexual way.


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      i am not young anymore (unless 35 counts?) but saw your lone post from so long ago that i felt compelled to answer. i applaud you for making steps into the naturist lifestyle at such a young age, i only wish i had started earlier. i like your suggestion that you are not looking for a physical relationship, only friendship. i think that is what this website is about.

      it appears that many people do not like to reveal their birthdate in their profiles. why is that?

      good luck on your search...


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        thanks i didnt think anyone would answer that post.its hard to be a naturist in wyoming and its even tougher that i am young.i havent told my mom yet i am waiting for the right thanks again for reply and keep in touch if you ever want to talk and by the way, ft lauderdale is a beautiful place i was there when i was ten and loved it.


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          well, there are lots of things i haven't told my mom yet, but at this point we are both tooo old to care about them. when i was young, we were nudity deprived (except for my brother and i cause we shared a room) and nudity was never discussed in our house.

          as long as nudity is not openly objectionable to your family (due to religious reasons, or some bad experience they had, etc.), i hope your mom finds it acceptable. as for opening up the front door naked, i would not suggest it for you since you are at an age that friends/neighbors might hold it against you if it gets out. but you are the only one who can judge that. just keep a pair of jogging shorts or a towel near the door when you are at home naked alone and pull those on when you go to get the door. it is funny at our house when the door rings because we have two adults and three kids scrambling trying to remember where we had our clothes last.

          we enjoy it here in s. florida, we are on a lake and get a nice breeze (and the highway is nearby so we can hear all that noise). hope you make it back south one day...


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            A whole family scrambling for clotesh, sounds funny. Does this indicate any kinds of "shame"? Or, is this just a "whoops here come the poeple that don't like it," kind of thing?

            Hey, db34. It can be tough doing the nude thing when you have parents and stuff that aren't involved or against it. You're supposed to listen to your parents and they might be opposed to it. Also, they might think something is wrong with you and try to change you, forcibly.

            I don't know your family, however. Just want to sympathize with you if you needed it.


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              i would not say that "shame" is the correct word. i just don't think that i need to force my views on others (yet). also, we have a solid front door so we do not know who is there. we do not have any nudist friends visiting, so it is best to just cover up. i am the more "open" of my family when it comes to nudity, so i might try not scrambling next time. my nine year old son is really self conscious (spelling?), he is currently at a stage that he does not feel comfortable being naked with others. hopefully that will change over time, but if not, that's his right. i keep a towel near the door for unexpected visitors, but sometimes my towel walks away (darn kids) so that is where the scrambling comes in. enjoy


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                I have a question.

                Some time ago, there was a post from a young lady by the name of Sunny. She had a link to a web site where she had posted some lenghty articles about her experience as a Naturist. I read some of them and found them very good. I was certainly encouraged by her writing to explore the Naturist Lifestyle because of what I read of her writings. Now I am trying to find the web site to read some of the other things she wrote. She is a very talented writer and I hope she is considering doing more writing.

                Anyone know how I can find her web site to read some more of her writings?


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                  I looked around and found the site you are referring to:



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                    Thanks. I owe you one.


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                      I seen from your profile that you're about 20 and being a yahoo nudist club owner, trust me when I say that you're kinda young but not alone by any means. I have read about coming-out nudist as young as 11-12. Some have told their parents and some have not. Some parents are VERY cool with their decision as long as it's AT home. But they had to get the nerve up to open up to their parents. One dude has even been to a nudist camp,several times now. Trust me, you're not alone, even in Wyoming. It's MORE likely that you're one of many,many closet nudists in your area. You just haven't found the place yet, but you will.
                      Two things to try: GoTo and start up a membership (zero cost. just time and basic info) Go into the MESSAGE BOARD section and scroll ALL the way to the bottom of the page. There you'll find a YOUNG ADULTS and UNDER 21 section. There you will find your 'niche. PROMISE! THIS board is awesome and in no way trying to compete but you sound like you need/want a direction with your new found lifestyle.
                      2) GoTo and START-UP your OWN yahoo club. It costs nothing but a bit of time and being a hobby.
                      Best of luck my friend and if you need any help. Write me at [email protected]



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                        to: db34 ... when informing parents about your lifestyle ... sometimes there is no age ... my wife was 23 & i was 27 ... 2 kids (1&3) ... guess what ... both our families hit the ceiling ... at the present time they still think we are nuts (including the kids) ... but they still love us ... good luck & keep tanning those buns ! ! !


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                          Thats so true you'd be lucky to find a whole family that was happy at a nudist beach.